What a great day.  We really are a great family.  Just when I thought it was all over, we have another great day.    Watermelon, flag cookies, playing in the cornfield, a bounce house, kids running and dancing and screaming, musical chairs and lots of lesbian moms.   

Late in the day the sun begins to fall behind the corn field.  The glow is pink and orange.  The air is warm with the hint of a cool breeze coming our way.  We’re tan and fit from our recent trip.   He’s in the bounce-house giggling frantically with 4 other kids. 

She’s on the balcony looking absolutely as gorgeous as the breath-taking night that I met her.  

I’m sitting in the playground fort.

We look at each other from a distance with our son giggling in the background. 

I forget all about her driving, nagging, and our fights over a million of insignificant things.  Tonight, it’s all about the good things . . . our family and our terrific son, our friends, our safe, secure, happy life built on our hard work together as a couple.  We’ve had so many good moments as a team. 

There she is looking at me with the beatiful sunset glowing off of her face in the distance.  Maybe she’s finally seeing me again . . .  really looking at me.  What a relief.  So many times I think that it’s all going to fall apart and he trusts us so much.  We are his anchor. 

Her lips move and she’s trying to tell me something but I can’t make out what she’s saying so I just smile her way.

Later she approaches me.  I’m still up in the fort and it’s not quite dark as she looks up to whisper something to me . . .

“I want a divorce.”

  1. […] So . . . Katie thanks for the tips.  And while I did not get anything near 20 minutes of loving, I did manage to get a hand on my leg (her hand – not my own) while watching I Survived a Japanese Game Show and she gave me a good-night kiss on the cheek.   Not bad on our 8th Civil Union anniversary and coming from a lovely spouse who announced she wanted a […]

  2. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Update . . . the divorce crisis is over. We finally seem to have settled back to normal . . . actually, better than normal. Arguments here and there but nothing Earth shattering.

    She’s a great mother and a fantastic spouse, we just have a habit of keeping score against each other. I think we’ve both decided that we’d rather be happy than be “right.”

    Keep your fingers crossed for us.

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