Lesbo Video – Videos About and/or With Lesbians

Posted: July 11, 2008 in Lesbian, lesbians, relationships
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Check out the new Lesbo Video page at 2 Lesbos Goin At It.   Please give us some feedback.  If you like them we’ll search for and post more.  

Or if you know of a good video – we like funny with music – please pass on the url so we can share it with all of our readers.

Thanks and . . . wish me luck on the cruise.  Can I behave and keep my lovely spouse happy for 10 days?    I’ll try to post an update while on the cruise but if things are going well – I’ll be occupied 🙂

Love and kisses,

One Lesbo

  1. Of course you can behave yourself and keep your Lovely Spouse happy for 10 days or 10 years… Daily gratitude.

    You rock! Have a blast.

    XO, Katie

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