Lesbians Susan Powter and Jessica Kirson – Lots of Sexual Geography to Travel

Posted: July 22, 2008 in Divorce, Lesbian, lesbians, sex, Sexuality, Susan Powter Jessica Kirson, Weight
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If “fitness guru” Susan “Stop the Insanity” Powter can navigate the geography of her girlfriend’s body – Jessica Kirson – my spouse should be thrilled with the shape of my body.   I mean, is it my lack of a perfect body that caused us to have sex only 1 time in 10 days on a romantic cruise? 

Jessica Kirson - Fitness Oh No

Jessica Kirson - Fitness Ohno

Susan Powter - Fitness Guru

Susan Powter - Fitness Guru

Clearly, my lovely spouse is more insensitive than any husband/man on the face of the Earth. 

On the way home from our cruise I was wearing a tight tank top under a cotton/mesh sweater.  It was extremely hot and so for a brief moment, while we were loading the luggage into the car, I took off the sweater.   In doing so I made the comment that I planned on putting my sweater back on as soon as I cooled off.   In reply my lovely spouse said, “What, you don’t want to look like a stuffed sausage?” 

Really!  Would any man even consider saying that to his wife?  Women who think that men are insensitive should try being with a lipstick lesbian for a few minutes.    I mean after the sex is over – and it will be over – it’s like living for the rest of your life with your selfish, mean-spirited little bossy sister. 

Susan – if you ever get over the Rocky Mountains or out of the Gulf of Mexico . . . call me . . .


Note to Justice at http://www.lawschool4dummies.blogspot.com/ Jessica does not play the part of Hurley on Lost

Note #2 – check out the comments.  These 2 lesbos goin at it would be lucky to have a relationship like Susan and Jessica.

Note #3 – check out Lesbo Photos.  There is a photo of Jessica and Susan together.

Note #4 – this is a photo of Jessica and Susan being interviewed but we can’t find a transcript and didn’t hear the broadcast

rfamily cruise day 4 8

Two Lesbos Goin At It





  1. “…I mean after the sex is over – and it will be over…..”

    Oh, I don’t know about all that. This multi-orgasmic lipstick lesbian will be going hot and heavy with her multi-orgasmic lipstick lesbian until they’ve planted our shriveled old bodies in the ground.

    Just sayin’

    XO, Katie

  2. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Katie –

    I’ve missed you.

  3. That’s not a lesbian. It’s Hurley from LOST.

  4. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Now that – that’s funny.

    You horny bored lawyers are so much fun and witty too .

    Are you from abovethelaw.com? If so, here is a story about the angry lesbo attorney commenting over there:

    One day, angry lesbo attorney came home and was greeted by her wife dressed in a very sexy nightie. “Tie me up,” she purred, “And you can do anything you want.”
    So she tied her up and went fishing.

  5. Alison says:

    Hm, well, I don’t think they’re girlfriends, Susan & jessica, just friends.

  6. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Alison, you’re thinking is wrong. Susan and Jessica are “that kind of” partners. In fact, Jessica has made reference to their relationship in her stand-up comedy show. “I’m dating a fitness guru, actually I’d rather be dating a front-line cook.”

    You can find some references to the relationship on the web such as this comment regarding Provincetown on the Gay Canada message board:

    “We passed Susan Powter “stop the insanity” on the street yesterday and didn’t even recognize her until her partner practically grabbed us, and said, “hey that’s my partner over there that you just ignored”..lol… Her partner is a comedian named Jessica Kirson. Susan was out on Commercial street handing out leaflets to promote her partner’s show. So very nice of her!! So, if you ever had doubts about Susan Powter you can let those doubts rest. She is a lesbian…lol yeaaaaaaa.”

    I also think that the Advocate Insider has made reference to their relationship.

    Finally, I’ve personally seen them together.

  7. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    By the way – they seem like a great couple. I’ve heard only fantastic things about Susan Powter. Since Jessica is one of the funniest people on the Earth, I hope that she nor Susan would be offended at us using them as an example of a couple who is more interested in their relationship than each other’s figures. We think it’s great. In fact, if these two lesbos who have been going at it could have a similar attitude . . .

    PS – I haven’t seen them “together” as in having sexual intimacy but I have been introduced to them as a couple and have seen them doing what couples do in public . . . hold hands, arm around waist . . . Go to P-town, you’ll probably meet them there too

  8. Alison says:

    Hmmmm. Susan HAD Jessica’s pics up in her photo album and has now removed them.

  9. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Alison, we have a photo of Susan and Jessica together on our Lesbo Photos page – check it out. The link is at the top and to the right.

  10. lb says:

    NOT a visual anyone wants….

  11. Alison says:

    what i’m sayin’ is it looks like they broke up, if they were indeed together in that way in the first place!

  12. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Alison, glad to see you commenting again.

    I have no idea if they broke up but still feel confident that they were a couple at some point.

    I understand that in July of this year Jessica and Susan were jointly interviewed on the Derek and Romaine show on Sirius OutQ satellite radio. I didn’t hear it and have no idea if their relationship was discussed.
    A blog quotes another interview that Susan did a number of years ago on the same radio show:

    “I was never in, baby. Coming out of what? That I’m a lesbian? Well, duh! … I was stupid enough to get married. That didn’t last very long.”

    –“Stop the insanity!” fitness guru Susan Powter, coming out on the Derek and Romaine show on Sirius OutQ satellite radio, September 28

    You can check out a July 2008 interview of Susan at: http://www.advocate.com/exclusive_detail_ektid58281.asp?page=2

    So, Jessica and Susan – are you, were you – “together”?

    Love you both,

    One Lesbo

  13. A Lurker says:

    I saw them in P-Town this summer. They came in on the Rosie cruise ship and cozied all through town together. Positive they were together, together.

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