1 lesbo needs to get in shape and get happy if I don’t kill her 1st

Posted: July 25, 2008 in Divorce, Lesbian, lesbians, Weight
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Here I am. I don’t look perfect but I’m fit and healthy. 

What you are going to miss

You sit at your desk all day and not only has it resulted in you being soft and less than appealing, you have become boring.  You rarely get out and talk to people.  You are as picky as me when it comes to the people that you’re attracted to so you know that you don’t look good.  When you don’t look good, you are not nice to anyone.  You are especially not nice to me.   A vain woman who has become fat is a very unhappy and grumpy woman.  Do you know what it’s like to get ready with you?  Nothing fits right anymore so you go through 10 outfits before we can leave.  By that time we’re both angry.   What is there to love?  How can anyone love you right now?

What am I supposed to think about this goofy website?  You really know how to make things better don’t you?  You actually put your anniversary card to me on here.   And, once I find the right photo of you to put here, I’ll send the web address to all of our family and friends.

[One Lesbo is on a little vacation from this website.   Hope you enjoy my posts.

Regards, “Lovely Spouse”]

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