Shotgun Wedding for Cat & Gay Guy Goes A Rye

Posted: August 1, 2008 in Lesbian, marriage, sex, Sexuality
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You have to read this one for yourself.*   The alternative title was:  “Search for Pussy Goes A Rye,” but this is a family (sorta kinda maybe) blog.

“Shooting someone for being a homosexual and for supposedly having sexual intercourse with a cat he helped rescue and for making the animal homosexual too is possibly one of the silliest motives I have ever heard in my life”, said the magistrate.

And there’s more.   Kitty’s daddy  (known locally as “Zé Pistoleiro”) took his shotgun to the wrong neighbor’s house and instead of shooting the gay guy neighbor, he shot Anabela Cruz.    Is “Anabel” ever a male name? 

You just have to read it.

Sorry Butch But the Wedding Has Been Called Off Due to a Serious Case of Mistaken Identity

Here is the story in Ze Pistoleiro’s native language which I believe is Portuguese: 

*The date line on the English language story shows Feb. 2008.  However, checking Yahoo and Google news it looks as if Kitty’s Daddy was recently sentenced.

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