Burning Lesbo Bigamy Battle Complete with Identical Tattoos and Adjoining Burial Plots

Posted: August 3, 2008 in Divorce, Lesbian, lesbians, relationships
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By way of the Burlington Free Press we learn of the lives of Laureen and Shari.    Read the story in the newspaper

Laureen Wells-Weiss and Shari Weiss, both residents of New York, ran off and got hitched in Canada.  Apparently, Shari is a conservative Christian Republican – she loves marriage so much that she has one every chance she gets – because she ran off and got hitched again, this time by way of a civil union in Stowe, Vermont and oh . . . oops . . . she was unionized and civilized with someone other than lovely Laureen and . . . oops . . . she didn’t get the Canada marriage dissolved prior to the new and improved civil union in Vermont.

Laureen Wells-Weiss, Victim Bigamist Lesbo

Laureen Wells-Weiss, The Victim of a Bigamist Lesbo

How did it all begin?  Laureen and Shari met in Ithaca, N.Y., in the 1990s.  They were married in Toronto on Aug. 13, 2004.  However, the love didn’t last despite the matching tattoos and adjoining burial plots.  Guess the “until death do we part” was not gonna stop this love.

So instead of death, they were parted by the usual.  Just after Christmas in 2006, Shari broke it off and rocked in the New Year with “the other woman,” Randi Wilbur.    (Please Shari – don’t change your last name to Wilbur – I have to always say it just like Mr. Ed, the talking horse.)

Shari, having a fondness for ceremonies and life-long commitment, entered into a civil union with Randi on June 23, 2007.   Reportedly, they only share first names ending in “i.” 

Laureen now wants Shari arrested for bigamy in Vermont and she wants a divorce in New York complete with all the financial trimmings. 

A good liberal lawyer in Vermont, Beth Robinson, firmly states, “People have a range of understandings about these things, and until we have court decisions, nobody’s right and nobody’s wrong.”

Well, that settles it!


Just found this post by Laureen in March of 2008.  It really does make one a little sad and mad at the situation.  Of course, this is only one side of the story:

Pat –
I was in your same shoes (married in Canada 2004, working for the State, and my wife being denied health benefits as a spouse – only allowed domestic partner benefits). I had talked with Jeff briefly at one point, as I was researching potentially similar legal claims, but he said he was not interested in making it a class action suit, and the other legal-eagles I talked with at the time said to wait for the outcome of your case before creating another just like it, so in the meantime I took a different route, publishing articles in my Union newsletter, going to Albany, just basically raising as much of a stink as I could. I was able to make some headway, as the Union and State agreed in our new contract to allow spousal benefits to same-sex couples. But it had nowhere near the impact that your fight and VICTORY has achieved!!

But now, I will be the true test of that ruling. My wife has left our relationship, gone to Vermont and entered into a civil union with another (without first divorcing me) and using the courts to financially devastate me, assuming (I suppose) that our marriage will not be legally recognized so therefore there ARE no marital rights or marital property or debt (just “yours and mine” as she claims)

Sadly, I am running into a brick wall in finding legal help. She was able to force me into bankruptcy by walking away from joint debt in my name (and because this occurred before your ruling, there was no way that I could stop it and hold her legally responsible … the debts were created on my credit). Now, because of the bankruptcy, not only can I find no legal help pro bono (and the Legal Aid clinics have stated that they won’t deal with “THAT” kind of divorce), but the debts for our home have fallen to her, and she doesn’t like it! (Surprise. Surprise). She has filed a complaint for a Partition action (trying to force a sale of our home to pay off those debts, even though I live in the home and the bankruptcy did not take away my rights to it, and she has three other properties in “Her” name acquired with her father DURING the course of our marriage)

i feel now like you probably felt in 2006 – defeated and deflated – but I also am now not just fighting those outside of our relationship who refuse to recognize it, but also (apparently) my own wife who refuses to recognize it as legitimate.

Any advice as to where to go, whom to speak with, what to do would be INCREDIBLY appreciated!!!

Congratulations on your victory. I hope it will also extend to me and others like me.

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    Wow. Just…wow.

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