One Lesbo – Was Lesbian Affair with Straight Female Teacher Criminal?

Posted: August 4, 2008 in Lesbian, lesbians, relationships, sex, Sexuality
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Admit it, while we act shocked, we all love reading those stories about student/teacher affairs.  One of my favorites is the Pamela Smart story from back in the early 90’s.  Pam gets her 15 year old boyfriend, Billy Flynn, to murder Pam’s husband.  I’ve probably watched the “True Crime” version 8 times on the Oxygen channel.    Click here to read one version of the teacher’s tail or tale.  

Poor Mary Kay - I just want to cuddle her

Mary Kay - Isn't She Adorable? Wish I could have "had" a teacher like her!

I like that one the best because of all the female teachers who get caught with students, Pam is one of the few that seems really guilty of a crime.  For example, does anyone really think Mary Kay Letourneau was guilty of anything except being an emotional/mental wreck?  

Bottom line, I always feel sorry for the female teacher.


Maybe, just maybe, one of the reasons that I feel so supportive of the female teachers is that once upon a time, in a land far far away, I too had an affair with my female teacher.  I was probably 14-15 and she was in her mid-20’s.   Yes, she was an adult in a position of authority over a minor but  . . . a crime . . . really?  I just don’t see it. 


She was married and straight – totally straight when we met and totally straight after our affair ended.   I look back and all I see was a vulnerable young teacher being flattered by attention from a popular kid at her high school.  She didn’t know that I was a lesbian.  She just knew that she felt a very strong attraction to me.  But I’m not surprised, in my youth, many straight girls and women seemed to have a strong attraction to me.  AND I LOVED IT!  I took advantage of it every chance I got.   I was one of those high schoolers who got more tail (always older straight females) than a toilet seat kind of kids and I had the confidence of a no tooth hooker.  (Some days I can’t go out of the house because I look a little fat.  A no tooth hooker not only goes out – but she has the balls to actually ask for money for some of that.)

I wonder what my ex-teacher thinks every time she watches the news or reads the paper or a magazine or a story on the Internet describing a female teacher going to jail for having sex with a student? 

I think that whoever turned her in is a rotten stinking rat fink.

Click on the “read more” link to read some headlines about teachers and students having lesbian affairs.

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  2. Male Teacher says:

    It makes me sick that people are like this. Guys get thrown in jail all the time as a result of these high school girls throwing themselves at us. But when a woman teacher is caught in the act, it’s all about how lucky the boy (or I guess girl) was.

    Talk about discrimination. This is proof that men are the one’s really discriminated against.

  3. really? ugh. says:

    Would you have sex with a 14 year old?

  4. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    A fair question by “really? ugh.”

    Would I have sex with a 14 year old? I can barely stand to be in the room with a 14 year old for more than 5 minutes so my answer is “no.”

    Here is the deal. Intimate contact between an adult and a minor is a crime and should be a crime. My question is whether or not it truly is criminal in all cases.

    In my case the teacher in question was a young, innocent, vulnerable straight young woman in her first teaching job who happened to form an attraction to a lesbian high school student. The student was very experienced and knew exactly what to do and say to get a roll in the sack with the sexy teacher.

    I also don’t think that Mary Kay was a true criminal.

    On the other hand, should this activity be criminal? Yes. There is no way to sort out the vunlerable adults from the experienced minors. So we make the rule simple and easy to follow: if you are an adult, you do not have intimate contact with minors.

    So, I don’t disagree with the law and don’t disagree that those adults engaging in the behavior must be found criminal – I simply think that in many of the situations – the female teachers are not truly criminals.

    But then again, I really like women – especially cute ones like poor Mary Kay. Although she looks a little rough, to say the least, after all that’s happened.

    By the way, has anyone noticed how big that guy’s head is? Her boyfriend, now husband, had the largest head on Earth – bigger than Vanna White. Check it out:,,1007385_8,00.html

  5. Jack says:

    a no tooth hooker – very funny

  6. Kirsty says:

    I am 14 and female. I really like two of my female teachers and I don’t know what to do. I am really confused because I am straight but I’m starting to feel like i’m falling in love with them – what should I do?

  7. 2lesbosgoinatit says:


    You’re a 14 year old girl and you like 2 of your teachers? This must be a miracle. Don’t most kids hate their teachers.

    I am confused as to why you are confused Kirsty. I don’t ever remember thinking “gee, whiz I know that I’m a lesbian but I think I’m falling in love with Mr. Dickhead science teacher.”

    So, first I think you’re full of it.

    Next, you aren’t confused – you’re straight. No confusion there.

    Finally, go torture some poor 14 year old boy and spare your teachers.


    One Lesbo

  8. sam says:

    All the teachers on here seem to be leaving negative feadback

  9. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    “All the teachers on here?”

    Little did I know that Two Lesbos Goin at It is full of teachers.

    Anyway, hope everyone will join us at our new site at:


  10. Anon says:

    I don’t think it is wrong at all to fall in love with your teacher, or for a teacher to fall in love with you for that matter. However, there are boundaries that need to be established, it may be hard to resist temptation because anything that is forbidden makes it twice as tempting, let me tell you. Do not carry on a relationship while in school, you will eventually be found out. I do believe in some states the age of consent is 16, and it is legal to carry on a relationship with anybody of any age. However, if they have any authority over you, such as a teacher, it is a no go. I don’t understand that, but I guess that’s the way it works.

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