Fascinating Peep Show of Lesbian Heros Samantha and Lindsay

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Lesbian, lesbians, relationships, sex, Sexuality
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So why would a woman who has been an out lesbian for her entire teenage & adult life think that Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan are heros?   Simply, they are living an incredibly open & happy life as a couple.   They hold hands, cuddle, hug, kiss . . .  Good for them.  I hope it lasts forever.

Watch these videos.  It really is fascinating that any couple would have to, and would be able to, endure such public peeping-tomerism.   Yet, they go on . . . to the movies, to the grocery store, getting burgers.   Some may think that they are just out for the publicity but when I watch them, I see a young couple in love doing what we all love to do . . . live, live, live.   So while life is a bowl full of cherries and some suckers are starving to death, Sam and Lindsay seem to be eating well at the horn of plenty.  

I can’t image what these videos would look like if it were me and Lovely Spouse.    I’m positive that we could never look this happy with each other on a regular basis if our every move was being followed and filmed by a group of men with foreign accents being a pain in the ass while trying to turn our lives into a circus act.  

Side note – why is it only men who have these jobs?  Why are there only peeping Toms and no peeping Sues?    Guess we’d rather play it cool and look at the film at 11.

Finally, I’ve given Samantha a lot of crap about her lack of style but watching these videos, especially the last one, makes it obvious how and why Lindsay fell in love with her.

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