Ronson Mentions “Pulling an Ellen and Portia” – For Our Lesbian Lindsay & Samantha Fans – 2 Lesbos Will Steal For You

Posted: August 25, 2008 in Lesbian, Lindsay, Lindsay Lohan, relationships, Samantha Ronson, Sexuality
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We don’t usually just steal the material from other blogs. But . . . this item is so short that to restate it seems stupid & no time today to dig up more info or photos so here is the proof of our crime directly from

****************UPDATE AFTER THE JUMP!

From the Chicago Suntimes

Lilo’s sneaky Friday here

Joining Sam at DJ gig, she bonds with Lauper

August 25, 2008Recommend (2)

BY BILL ZWECKER Sun-Times Columnist
They were baaaack! This time Lindsay Lohan’s appearance at Crimson Lounge Friday night at the Hotel Sax was a big surprise — as the actress returned to town for galpal Samantha Ronson’s monthly DJ gig at the popular nightspot. Here’s the scoop on what happened:

• The couple — who have yet to officially confirm they’re romantically involved — spent the night dancing together in the DJ booth and showing off their mutual tattoos on their hands to fans.

Lindsay Lohan was on hand for galpal Samantha Ronson’s DJ gig Friday night in Chicago.

• Lilo was ”very affectionate” with Ronson but also spent most of the night busily text-messaging friends behind the booth.

• When Ronson spun Lohan’s single, ”Confessions of a Broken Heart,” the two smiled and Ronson pointed lovingly at her girlfriend.

• Another surprise: After her ”Glamorama” gig for Macy’s at the Chicago Theatre, Cyndi Lauper popped into the club — giving both Lohan and Ronson big hugs. She was overheard telling the women, ”Just be yourselves. Be who you are. Nobody today cares about people’s [sexual orientation] — at least nobody you need to care about.”

• Along those lines, Ronson was heard talking about ”pulling an Ellen and Portia,” which made some think Lohan and Ronson may be seriously considering a walk down the aisle in California.

• Also spied dancing with an attractive blonde at Crimson Lounge: new Bears quarterback Kyle Orton — dubbed ”super-hot” by Lohan, Ronson and Lauper, who all admired the NFL player’s dance-floor moves.

• The Chicago evening was obviously more fun for Ronson than the previous evening, when she was served with legal papers at the Whiskey Blue nightclub in the W Hotel in L.A. — part of her legal battle stemming from her lawsuit against gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

From the Crimson Lounge:  Samantha at the Crimson Lounge



And, in other Samantha and Linday news, Cojo decided to comment on Samantha’s style.  Watch this:


And more – this time at Belinda Carlise of the Go Gos was asked, ”
What about Lindsay Lohan and the lesbian rumors?”

Belinda responded, “I think Lindsay Lohan and Samantha are an adorable couple. And I think they’re really cute together! Really, really cute.”

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