Lindsay Lohan’s Dad is a D- – – , Her Grandfather is Dead, and Her Uncle is Headed to Jail, Listen to New Interview of Daddy Dearest

Posted: August 29, 2008 in family, Lesbian, lesbians, Lindsay, Lindsay Lohan, relationships, Samantha Ronson
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If I were Samantha Ronson, I’d go punch the jerk.  First he goes to the media claiming that Lindsay is drinking again and not working because of Sam; now he says that’s not what he meant.   I’ve concluded that he’s a homophobic ass with a lesbian daughter .  Yes, I think Lindsay is a “real” lesbian.   She has dramatically changed her behavior, attitude, look . . . everything . . . since she started openly living with Samantha Ronson.    I don’t think it’s the magic of Samantha as much as the magic of finally living life as herself.   

He also claims to have landed a 2 hour television special where he’ll spill his guts for $.
Here is that story:  Click Here

Michael Lohan, you are a total idiot for so many reasons.  I can’t imagine how a parent
could hurt his child this way.  Listen to the beginning of the phone call.  It was a set up
and planned.  It’s a joke to these guys.  It’s a game of “Michael Lohan, please call me.” 


Link to New Michael Lohan Interview

Link to New Michael Lohan Interview

Okay, now Grandpa Lohan is dead.   His son’s behavior probably killed him.

Here is the story:  Click Here

(Check out the Michael Jackson video while you’re there.) 

But there’s more.  My God!  It is amazing that Lindsay Lohan hasn’t been in and out of rehab for drinking and drugs with a family like this  . . . oh  . . . right . . . she’s done that . . . we can’t imagine why ?

Now, Lindsay’s Uncle Paul (Dina’s brother) is headed to jail for a year. 

Here’s that story (very end):  Click Here

Finally, here is the new Ugly Betty promo with Lindsay.

  1. anna says:

    I agree. Why would he even NEED to say ‘I wouldn’t walk her down the aisle she wouldn’t even ask’ if she was ‘definitely not’ a lesbian. And the way he says ‘I’m trying’ It’s obvious what he REALLY is scared about. His daughter is a lesbian and he thinks she’s going to hell because the Christian he’s a part of is one of those that think that American Conservative Christians like him are the only ones that go to heaven and that everyone else will go to hell and that hate homosexuals and Jews with intense hatred because Jews ‘killed’ Jesus. He already has 2 reasons to hate Samantha Ronson without even having met her. He can’t accept that he has a lesbian daughter and is EXTREMELY embarrassed that Lindsay is being so open and is not now crawling back into the closet because he spewed hate all over her. He wants to shame her into being an ‘ex-gay’. It’s ok to be gay Lindsay. Good Luck and I hope for your sake and his sake that one day he maybe will accept your sexuality and your girlfriend.

  2. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Anna, thanks for taking the time to read my blog and for leaving a comment.

    I have to say that based on his actions and his superhero Christian tattoo, I really have my doubts that the guy even has any Christian beliefs.

    Instead, I think he had a jailhouse conversion for PR reasons. Isn’t that the way it works in the US? Commit a crime, take drugs, commit adultery . . . have a conversion to Christ . . . it’s all forgotten.

    Here is a link to a story just prior to his release from jail. The article claims that Daddy Lohan became a minister while in jail and planned to go into the ministry after leaving jail:

    He is a real piece of work. Lindsay is certainly going to need some good luck to avoid her family genetics and her upbringing by two parental idiots.

    Thanks again for stopping by,

    One Lesbo

  3. anna says:

    Instead, I think he had a jailhouse conversion for PR reasons. Isn’t that the way it works in the US? Commit a crime, take drugs, commit adultery . . . have a conversion to Christ . . . it’s all forgotten.

    Great comment. As Kathy Griffin said when talking about him: Cause now look who he found? Good old heavenly Jesus! Yup he showed up in prison just like he always does. Your looking for Jesus he’s sitting in a prison cell waiting for YOU!’

    Thank you for replying. It’s rare that bloggers do that 🙂

  4. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    So that’s where Jesus is!

    Thanks Anna,

    One Lesbo

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