Sarah Palin and Harriet Myers – Separated at Birth Photos – More George Bush – More Bad Judgment

Posted: August 30, 2008 in election, Lesbian, lesbians, McCain, McCann, politics, sarah palin
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 It’s About Judgment

We’re lesbians.  We love women but all we keep hearing is –  “Heck of a job, Brownie.”

There is one huge difference between Palin and Obama.  Obama was chosen by the Democrat voters across the US.   Did they exercise good judgment in their decision?  Did they pick the best possible person to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world?   Of course, they had a limited number of folks to choose from.  Also, politics play a large role.  Lots of factors can cause voters to be persuaded to vote for a particular person.

Turn to the selection of Palin.  There is 1 person we can look to and ask these questions.  In making his first important decision affecting American lives, did John McCain do what is right for the United States or is he just trying to win votes?

Did John McCain exercise good judgment?  Did John McCain pick the best possible person to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world?

Harriet Myers was a nice woman and maybe even a good attorney; but George Bush once again demonstrated his poor judgment in selecting her to serve on the US Supreme Court.  In fact, the selection was so bad that it had to be withdrawn.    Of course, the good news about Palin is that she’s a hunter and when the Republicans want to dump her they can just send her hunting with Dick Cheney.

The selection of Sarah Palin shows that once again John McCain will give us more of the same.  More George Bush.  More Bad Judgment.

After the jump a comment on Palin as a Stepford wife and bringing Cindy McCain into the all girls equation by attaching the word “trophy” to McCain’s pick.   Can McCain tolerate any other kind of woman in his life?  

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                            Lesbians Love McCain’s VP


I think this decision is Quayle redux. McCain is attempting to appeal to young women and close the gender gap, much like Bush attempted to appeal to the youth vote by picking Quayle.

The problem is that Palin is a Stepford wife. She is a woman willing to sell out other women over a narrow set of beliefs. She is a Phyllis Schlaffly feminist, an Ann Coulter feminist, and in the coming days will have to defend a set of core values that undermine gender equality.

McCain has picked a trophy VP with minimal reformist credentials in a blatant attempt to pander to women. Much like McCain is anti-soldier, Palin is anti-woman.

This is a flash in the pan. McCain will hog a little spotlight, but it is purely rubbernecking. The choice draws the wrong kind of attention and will bring out media apologists who will commit all sorts of verbal acrobatics trying to justify this decision.

Her opening speech was flat. She clapped into the microphone and spoke from her sinuses like an amateur. The amount of training it is going to take to mold her into a credible national candidate exceeds the benefits of the choice itself.

McCain also made the choice during soap opera time in an attempt to entertaint he housemarm vote. Too bad Oprah has already thrown her weight behind Obama.

I mean, for God’s sakes, what does Palin bring to the table that isn’t already offered in spades by the Democratic ticket?

McCain/Stepford 08

Posted by Zipperupus

Comment by Eric McClure

Location: Haditha City, Iraq

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  • Biography: I am a Corporal in the Marine Corps, currently stationed at Haditha Dam in Iraq. I work the financial side of the occupation (Money as a Weapons System), so I read and write on left-leaning forums so as to maintain my sanity and get a more balanced view of the news. I joined so that I could support my family and perform a service. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail me.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I’ve heard that most of the soldiers in Iraq support Obama. Does anyone know how this conclusion was reached and/or where the statistics can be found on this issue.

  2. Common Sense says:

    the conclusion is based on the crap fed to us by the driveby media – its bullshit

  3. lht says:

    This is why I watch FOX news, both local and national. I am so tired of the networks ( CBS< NBC< ABC). Their news and programing are terrible. Keep up the good work FOX NEWS.

  4. Ashland says:

    It is sad that the American media has become so corrupt and untrustworthy.

  5. Keen Eye says:

    Maybe both Harriet and Sarah have thin resumes but even when I squint my eyes, I do not see the separated at birth resemblance.

  6. Right - Always says:

    The lesbians are truthful about one thing. Democrats have exercised poor judgment in giving us Obama.

  7. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Thanks to all for taking your time to read 2 Lesbos Goin At It and for leaving comments. In fact, getting comments is one of the best parts of publishing a blog.


    “The Lesbians”

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