Minneapolis and St Paul – the Republicans are coming.   Let’s do a little wife swapping and hiding our homosexuality just to make them feel right at home.   Wonder if there will be a tour of the Larry Craig Tap Dance Stall during the Republican National Convention? 

In other bat-shit crazy Republican news, the very queer Living-in-a -Fog Cabin Republicans have issued a statement.  Do these gay guys and the one lesbian in the group just stay together to annoy the real Republicans? 

Statement of Log Cabin President Patrick Sammon about Gov. Sarah Palin

“Alaska Governor and all around sweet gal Sarah Palin can help Sen. McCain win this election by using her good looks and thin resume to appeal to voters who spend their entire day glued to Fox News and/or sleeping.  She’s a mainstream Republican girl who will shoot anyone who crosses her, unite the Party and service John McCain well when Cindy McCain is not looking.   She has yet to decide what a Vice President does but as soon as she memorizes the duties we will issue a new statement.  Gov. Palin is an inclusive Republican who will not accept contributions from gay or lesbian voters and we love her shoes.”

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  1. Rick Perry says:

    Hello everyone:

    My name is Rick Perry and I’m the Webmaster and one of the founders of the Minneapolis Movie Bears. We are a social group of guys and gals that go to the movies every week. We are not limited to the bear community but open to everyone. The primary movie theater we go to is the Regal Cinemas in Eagan. We also go to the AMC Southdale, St. Anthony Main, Lagoon, Uptown and Edina Cinema.

    As I am sure you are aware, Milk, The story of Harvey Milk starring Sean Penn is being released to theaters in late November. I am writing to let you know we are organizing a showing at the Uptown on Tuesday, December 2nd. Time TBA. Tickets can be purchased on the site through Pay Pal for the discounted price of $7.00, normally 9.25 at the theater for this showing.

    During this and every election season, (I know it is finally over) all citizens of the United States should understand how important voting is and how it can truly affect our lives. Harvey Milk was one of those GLBT Pioneers that resisted the slurs and the pundits that said he couldn’t be elected and became The First Openly Gay elected official in the United States. What I have observed in our community is that many people under the age of 30 have no idea who Harvey Milk or George Moscone were. This is the main reason why I am pushing this movie and this particular showing. We normally get a couple dozen people that show up at the movie but I think that is significant to show our community why it is important to organize and why we should celebrate the lives of such risk takers. Everyone in the GLBT community should know their history and this is a big part of it.

    Please check out each person in Wikipedia.
    Harvey Milk – San Francisco City Supervisor
    George Moscone – Mayor of San Francisco

    The Movie Bear Committee, ask that you send this e-mail to your friends, family and members to let them know of this showing. We also ask if you would post this information to your website and community bulletins. We have set up an RSVP at http://www.minneapolismoviebears.com as space is limited. By registering this will also lead you to the pay pal where you can purchase your tickets.

    This will be a will call situation. We will have people at the door to help you out with getting your tickets.

    If you have any questions, please e-mail us at movies@minneapolismoviebears.com
    Thank You

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