Sarah Palin has a 5 month old special needs baby.  Sarah Palin has a 17 year old daughter who is pregnant.   Sarah Palin needs to keep her ass in the same state as her children for at least the next several weeks.  

If she were a mom in our PTA, with a kid in our school, or if she were a neighbor mom, all the rest of the moms in the neighborhood (the rest are straight) would all be talking behind her back and most of us would tell her to her face, “Lady, especially considering your resume, your children need you much more than the country does.   Now get home and be a mother.”

How dare Sarah Palin bring all of this down on her daughter’s shoulders so that she can get what she wants?   And, some extreme Christians think that lesbian mothers are selfish?  

We know all the liberal crap that dads can take care of children just as well . . .  And, maybe he can but when a child has 2 parents, why not give them the benefit of two parents?   Apparently, what the Palins have been doing up to this point is not working.  Why not try something new like “Putting Family First?”   Do you people only use that 2 parent stuff when you’re trying to prove that I’m a bad mother? 

(By the way, why do our opponents often argue against same sex parenting by using research showing that children need 2 parents?  Don’t they get it?   There are 2 of us.  Weird.)

We changed our jobs – no – we changed our entire lives so that we could raise our son instead of hiring a nanny or daycare to raise him for us.   He has always had at least 1 stay at home parent and with an office in the house, most of the time he’s always had 2 parents at home.

Many of you straight parents are plain and simple, not very good parents; and Sarah Palin is one of the worst that we’ve seen running out on her children when they obviously need her.

So, while we don’t like being part of this circus that is raining down on a 17 year old girl, except for the extra readers that it’s bringing to our blog, we think the blame falls directly on the beehive of hot Sarah Palin. 

Gotta go, I hear a little request for “mommy” coming from the bedroom next to my office.

Please Keep Watching 2 Lesbos Goin At It

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for saying what many are thinking

  2. Former Hillary Supporter says:

    liberal women (assuming you are a woman which I doubt) like you are going to cause a huge backlash with women like me

    this type of post shows only your ignorance

    i can hardly wait to cast my ballot to elect the first female vp

  3. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    I guess telling you to s – – – my d – – – would not be the best defense here, huh?

    Hugs and kisses,

    One Lesbo

  4. Joeprah says:

    Hey Lesbos,

    Thanks for the comment at the examiner. I agree with your take here…you know that already right? Very selfish on Palin and I, I know you hate hearing this, am a Republican. Common sense though doesn’t fall into either party these days so it seems like I have been abandoned. LOL. Cool blog & good stuff! ~ Joe

  5. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Joeprah!

    Thanks for much for letting me lure you over here. No straight Republican man can resist the temptation of traveling to a place where there are 2 Lesbos Goin At It.

    So are you a man about the Internet or what? Love it at and looks fantastic.

    The layout is a real eye-catcher. Content looks fabulicious, as well.

    Is it a wordpress theme? We’re trying to move over to but can’t seem to find the look that we want. Any recommended themes or individuals to work with?


    One Lesbo and Lovely Spouse

  6. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Thanks Deb,

    We really appreciate folks (especially sane people) who come by to read the blog AND – EVEN MORE – those who leave comments.


    One Lesbo

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