09/10/2008 New Sarah Palin Scandal from National Enquirer – Click Here

Please Keep Watching 2 Lesbos Goin At It

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*Updated September 2 – New Video Available – Sarah Palin speaking at Assembly of God Church.  Church and State – Palin’s favorite mix. 

*Updated September 2 – Perez Hilton, YouTube and a boat load of others have photos claiming to show Bristol Palin drinking.  Those photos are NOT Bristol Palin.   There are no photos showing Bristol Palin drinking alcohol. 

In other news – 2 unknown girls from a small town in Alaska are reported as being up shit creek.

*Updated September 1

The New York Post has more details including quotes from the boyfriend’s MySpace page saying that he doesn’t want children.    Time also has an article.    You might also want to read the spanking given to McCain by Sally Quinn, a Washington Post reporter.    Here is a taste:


And now we learn the 17-year-old daughter, Bristol, is pregnant. She and the father of the child plan to marry. This may be a hard one for the Republican conservative family-values crowd to swallow. Of course, this can happen in any family. But it must certainly raise the question among the evangelical base about whether Sarah Palin has been enough of a hands-on mother.

McCain claims he knew about the pregnancy, and was not at all concerned. Why not? Not only do we have a woman with five children, including an infant with special needs, but a woman whose 17-year-old child will need her even more in the coming months. Not to mention the grandchild. This would inevitably be an enormous distraction for a new vice president (or president) in a time of global turmoil. Not only in terms of her job, but from a media standpoint as well.

Although others aren’t so quick to want to jump in on this story.  Hilzoy says this:

Imagine yourself in her position: there you are, seventeen years old, pregnant, unmarried. Maybe you understand what happened and why; and maybe your parents and friends do as well. But zillions of bloggers and reporters and pundits are about to make the most personal details of your life into a political issue, and they don’t understand it at all. And yet, despite that, they are about to use you and your unborn child to score points on one another, without any regard whatsoever for you and your actual situation. 

I want no part of this. None at all.

You can read the rest of Hilzoy’s view here.  

Now, to the photos.  This is Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin; and a mysterious MySpace page that apparently no longer exists.   Click on the photo to enlarge.  Enjoy the photos of the Sarah Palin family and have fun trying to figure out why this would be of any significance to anyone except the immediate family.   We’re only posting because we have no shame and love readers. 

 Levi JohnstonBristol Palin

  1. Sarah Palin opposes sex education and favors abstinence instead.

    I wonder how that’s working out for you, Sarah!??

    I wonder what is says of her judgment.
    Oh, wait . . . maybe it was an immaculate conception!

    Check this out: http://www.flickr.com/photos/25023895@N02/2819109511/

  2. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Oh, you’re just one of those crazy liberals – like me but maybe a little more Christian than me and way more Christian than my ex-Catholic now nonbelieving Lovely Spouse.

    This story about the daughter really does have us torn. Why didn’t they just put it in Sarah Palin’s initial bio. when her selection was announced? And the Palin’s are expecting their first grandchild . . . date.

    I’ll also mention the sexism that is rampant in our 2 lesbian mom family. We think that a mother with a special needs 5 month old baby and a pregnant 17 year old daughter needs to at least keep her ass in the same state as her children for the next several weeks.

    Trust me, those kids need Sarah Palin much worse then we do.

    Great blog at: http://christianliberal.wordpress.com/

    Everyone should check it out.

    Love and kisses to my new Christian Liberal friend at:


    One Lesbo

  3. Oh, you are SO kind to recommend my site!! THANKS!

    I’m a little more crazy than christian OR liberal.
    I enjoy your site.
    A family member is lesbo too, and it so enrages me to see these narrow-minded bigots pass judgment on her.
    And then say the God is on their side!
    Guess they don’t see the scars where she cut herself being so unhappy as a teen. Then so happy for me to see her “come out” and find real happiness in the SF community. What a wonderful turn-around, when she finally accepted herself!
    So, you go girl (or whatever, ha, ha!).

  4. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    You made me laugh but of course crazy people make everyone laugh,kinda like fat people like to laugh . . .

    So a lesbo family member with scars. Very sad. I’m one of the lucky ones who could accept the cards that I was dealt. I never dreamed that I could have the fantastic life that I have. Lovely Spouse, our son and me – it’s a real deal and a half + some and more!

    One Lesbo

  5. […] And the hero of the day (Levi) can be seen here […]

  6. […] And the hero of the day (Levi) can be seen here […]

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