Yes.  That’s what Carey Robers claims in his article, “The Sexual exploitation of Women in Abuse Shelters.”   Who is Carey Roberts?  Well, she’s not very pretty.  

Actually, Carey is a man and he’s pretty . . .  pretty old and ugly but that’s not the point. 

Carey Roberts

Carey Roberts claims to be “an analyst and commentator on political correctness. His best-known work was an exposé on Marxism and radical feminism.”   And, yes – all of us lesbians are well versed in Marxism and radical feminism.   In fact, I was just reading some books today on Marxism and radical feminism.  I thought I might donate them to the abuse shelter when I’ve finished reading them.

Here is some of his article:

One woman who spent time at two shelters reveals baldly, “many workers in shelters are lesbians.” One pick-up tactic is for a shelter worker to gently rub a resident’s palm, as if to assuage her pain. “If you become her girlfriend, you will be treated very good. I was 100% sure,” the woman sheepishly explains. 

Carey even provides a video .  Gee I hope it’s an instructional video so that all of us lesbos can learn how to get some hot ass at the local abuse shelter.   However, I have to admit that I could probably think of some things a little better than rubbing a palm so maybe the video won’t improve my techniques. 

Bottom line, Mr. Carey’s ideas are as crazy as he looks.   He should just go pick up a Playboy and quit the fantasies about girls having sex in shelters.

Gotta run.  I volunteer at a shelter down the street and it’s movie night.  Hope it’s something sexy.

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