New Photos of Lesbian Gro Hammerseng – Covered by Norwegian Media As Much As George Bush

Posted: September 4, 2008 in Lesbian
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The world’s best behind George Bush – Translated from Danish

Gro Hammerseng

Gro Hammerseng

by Morten Jennet Larsen, Septebmer 3, 2008 

Gro Hammerseng. The name should rings a bell or two for most håndboldelskere. After the Olympics in Beijing is the knowledge of Gro Hammerseng enough not abated, for Ikast-profile, her Gro Hammerseng, the name appeared almost as frequently in Norwegian media as U.S. President George Bush.

It made her, Gro Hammerseng, the fourth most mentioned person in august months, show figures from the company Retriever.

Usually the male athletes, top the list, but the mass media as handboldpigernes Olympic gold were given, his meant that two women are more concerned about the male practitioners, says medieanalytiker Kristina Nilsen to NTB.

Shortly before the Olympics was her name was also engraved as the world’s best female håndboldspiller by 2007: Gro Hammerseng.

The list of most persons mentioned in the Norwegian media in august.

1) Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian Prime Minister, 4668 articles,
2) Barack Obama, U.S. presidential candidate, 4359.
3) George W. Bush, U.S. president, 4030
4) Gro Hammerseng, Norwegian håndboldlandsholdsspiller 3700
5) John McCain, U.S. presidential candidate, 3647
6) Marit Breivik, Norwegian kvindelandstræner handball 3372
7), Olaf Tufte, the Norwegian Olympic guldvinder in rowing, 3262
8), Andreas Thorkildsen, Norwegian spydkaster 3222
9) Alexander Dale Oen, Norwegian swimmer, 3185
10) Michael Phelps, American swimmer 2991.

Gro Hammerseng get 160,000 hits on Google, while in our News Archives is almost 200 times.



Lesbian Gold Medal Olympians and Couple Natja Nyberg and Gro Hammerseng

  1. Anonymous says:

    Not sure that I like the hair. She looks much better with her hair in a natural style.

  2. Gro Fan says:

    I agree. Her hair looked great without all of the flip and curl. I like it better pulled back than like this.

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