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Havens Corners Church of Christ in Christian Union is located on the Columbus, Ohio east side near Blacklick (yes, it’s “Blacklick”) and Gahanna. The church’s website www.havenscornerschurch.org doesn’t seem to be up and running at the moment and that’s not especially surprising in light of the news this morning.   

It’s one of those signs that wanna -be-comic preachers use to get attention.  This one was cleverly thought up and executed by Pastor David Allison. Pastor Dave grew up in the church and received his call to preach after attending Beulah Grove Camp as a 10 yr. old where I’m sure he received lots of attention.  

 “I kissed a girl and I liked it, then I went to Hell.”

Pastor Dave whined, “We didn’t intend to get into all this, but it’s become a bigger thing.” He was just very concerned about the implications of Katy Perry’s song and what he called a music video so suggestive it borders on pornography.    “If anyone’s seen the video as many times as I have – like I mean, I’ve seen it lots – and understands how lewd and suggestive the video is for this song, that is not something young people should go toward,” Allison said.  In fact, Pastor Dave watches the video continuously at his own home just to monitor whether others may be watching it so that he can give them adequate warning. 

He thought the message on the church sign would be a loving way to remind teenagers that the Bible denounces homosexuality.  Of course, Pastor Dave also wanted to remind homosexual youth that they may want to blow their brains out now before acting on their sexual orientation because if they wait and actually act on their nature – they will burn in hell for eternity.    Gee, that is so loving Pastor Dave

The sign was removed Thursday. Pastor Allison said it was not due to outrage. He said he received volumes of support from throughout the state . . . from numerous bigots and idiots. 

Pastor Dave, an avid fan of MTV, said he was surprised at the number of people who called in or e-mailed because they didn’t know to what he was referring. They were unaware of the song, unlike MC Pastor Dan. 

Equality Ohio said their “jaw dropped” when they saw a picture of the sign.

“It was a little jaw-dropping. But it happens and we want people to know there are more than 300 welcoming and affirming churches across Ohio,” said Kim Welter, of Equality Ohio.

Is Blacklick a good place for lesbians to live? Here is some information about the town:

Blacklick is a small unincorporated community in southern Jefferson Township, Franklin County, Ohio, United States. The tiny community began as a railroad station and is situated at the intersection of the railroad and High Street (known outside the Village as Reynoldsburg New Albany Rd.) just north of Broad Street in eastern Franklin County. Blacklick Creekgently flows through Blacklick and serves as the community’s namesake. The Blacklick Post Office (zip code 43004) used to be within the community but has moved just south of the community on Reynoldsburg-New Albany Road. Blacklick is the site of Jefferson Cemetery, an active cemetery operated by Jefferson Township.

  1. Racial Overtones says:

    I licked a black and I liked it.

    I hope that you and your readers get it. The town is Blacklick. This is where you laugh.

  2. Hmmmm says:

    hmmmm eye cee sum copyrighted pics on this blog. Guess they’ll be gone soon, eh? EH???

  3. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Hmmmm!

    Thanks for coming by and for leaving a comment. We love questions.

    2 Lesbos Goin At It is more than willing to remove any photo/image/material at the request of the owner. We also comply with the fair use doctrine.

    The fair use doctrine is an exception to the copyright laws.

    When a court looks at the facts of a case to determine if there is been fair use of the material in issue, the court examines: 1) The Purpose of the Work. Has it been used for teacing about the work, criticizing it, commenting about it, researching it or reporting about it? 2) The Type of Work. In some cases, it has been affected by whether the work was published or unpublished. In others, it’s been more about whether the item was fiction or nonfiction. This is one of the most vague factors. 2) How Much of the Work is Used. There are many style guidelines that specify a number of words that should be used, but none of those are based on black and white numbers given under the fair use doctrine. The fair use common law gives no specific word count. Instead, the court usually looks at how important the quoted words or photos were to the work as a whole. 3) How Sales of the Work are Affected. Does the limited use of the photo/image/text have any affect on the value of or sales of the material in question?

    Hope this answers your questions about copyright law and the fair use doctrine.

    Again, we’re more than happy to remove any photo upon request.

    Come back early and often.


    One Lesbo

  4. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Racial Overtones – we got it.

    Thanks for the comment. Hope that you’re coming by early and often.

    Warmest regards and love,

    One Lesbo

  5. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    The missing photos were 1) photo of the church, 2) photo of Pastor David Allison and 3) photo of David Allison’s father who was minister at church prior to MC Davie

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