Lindsay Lohan & Samantha Ronson Are Winning Over Gays & Lesbians

Posted: September 6, 2008 in Lesbian
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Samantha and Lindsay

Samantha and Lindsay

By the way, we have a recent smooching photo of Lindsay and Samantha that we’ve added to our Lesbo Photo page and hope that you’ll check it out.

Doing Couple Stuff

Doing Couple Stuff

Sure, they had their detractors claiming that their relationship was all for publicity, that Lindsay was just on another obsession, or that Samantha was using Lindsay.    Wake up to a new day where gays and lesbians seem to have fallen in love with our favorite lesbian couple Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson.   In fact, if you’ve been watching 2 Lesbos Goin At It for even a short time, you’ll note that we’ve had our heart on for these 2 for several weeks now.

Are they really an item?  Only Perez Manjina Hilton is still asking that question; and Author Camille Paglia, for one, sure hopes that they are. “Samantha Ronson may be a seedy lout,” Paglia noted, “but Lindsay Lohan’s recent tabloid photos have provided me with a glut of piquant fabulosity. I adore Lindsay’s hazy bisexual seductiveness toward the camera. It’s a real gift!”

Oh my – last week Camille Paglia was fawning all over Sarah Barbie VP Palin and now she’s practically drooling over Lindsay. Well, ok, so yes, we’ve been doing that too but we’re younger and much much cuter. 

The point is — THEY LOVE THEM, THEY LOVE THEM — the gays and lesbians love Sam and Linday. Why? Because they are adorably happy together.  Again, I say fair young girls . . . do not screw this up.

Lesbian websites have practically crowned Lindsay and Sam their very own Brangelina. Though AfterEllen’s Sarah Warn doesn’t report on closeted couples, she says, “Lindsay and Sam are in a sense giving people permission to write about their relationship by not denying anything.” She adds that the very banality of the paparazzi shots is what makes them so fascinating. “I don’t think Lindsay’s just doing this for the press.”

Like we’ve said before, no one hangs out in a DJ booth for 2 years unless . . . she’s in love with the DJ  🙂

That said, Warn does fret that straights may see the relationship as “just another example of Lindsay going off the deep end—a negative thing, like drug use. I joke that there are some people we don’t need on our team. I think of the game red rover—like, ‘Please send Lindsay back.'”

Other lesbians can’t wait to claim her for their own. If Lohan were to come out, notes Curve’s Anderson-Minshall, she’d have more of an impact on girls who are in love with their best friends than a hundred activists ever could. “There is something just amazingly sweet and adorable about them,” she adds. “You think, Young love is just irrepressible!”

Nonetheless, Anderson-Minshall says that Hollywood being what it is, we may never know if Lohan is actually gay. “Every time we see a photo of the two of them kissing, of course we want to know. Would we love it if she came out? Are we titillated by it? Sure. But I expect that her professional team would say coming out is not part of the plan.”

Indeed, in June reports surfaced that OK! magazine had offered Lohan $1 million for an exclusive on her coming out. No announcement was forthcoming. Radar also contacted Lohan’s publicist for this story; she did not respond.    And today Lindsay’s rep says she turned down $700,000 to appear in Playboy.  Guess you don’t need that money when you’re rolling in love.

Given Lohan’s track record with men—including the skeezy Harry Morton, the hairy, boozy Colin Farrell, and the smarmy Calum Best, who allegedly leaked a lo-res camera-phone video still of Lohan giving him a blowjob—perhaps it’s not surprising to find a still homophobic nation more or less shrugging at her comparatively healthy new fling.

Contrary to what Daddy Lohan would have us believe, Lohan’s image has improved markedly of late, suggesting that dyking out could be the new rehab. Maybe other starlets will follow suit. “If you’re down in West Hollywood,” says Anderson-Minshall, “you go to power lesbian parties at O-Bar, and you see tons of well-known faces who are lesbian in their private life but not to their fan base. They want to have their cake and eat it, too.” So to speak. “But there are a number of A-list people who are on the cusp of coming out.”

Comedian Bridget McManus, a buxom 28-year-old lesbian who lives in Hollywood and has been described as the gay Sarah Silverman, thinks Ronson might be a good influence on Lohan. “Whether they’re friends or lovers, there is a grounding effect to a female relationship,” she says. “McManus has met Lohan and jokes that the relationship could be the perfect medicine for a girl who grew up on the party circuit,” she says.

“Lesbians are nesters. You stay in and you watch TV. I’m hoping that Miss Lohan and Samantha work out and that they’re happy. It would be great to have a young monogamous relationship in Hollywood. Just so long as Lindsay doesn’t chop off all her hair and get fat.”

 By late May the tabloids were reporting that Lindsay and Sam, herself well out of the closet, had been “dating” for close to a year. Rumormongers delightedly declared that the pair, who had bought coordinating rings emblazoned with their initials, were bound for a big fat lesbian commitment ceremony at Dollywood. If anyone was shocked, they didn’t let on. Even Lindsay and Sam’s families seemed fairly blasé about the romance.

In June, Lohan’s mother, Dina, said simply, “She’s an amazing girl, Samantha. I’ve known her for years.” She added, more tellingly, “If [Lindsay]’s happy, I’m happy.” Ronson’s brother, producer and DJ Mark Ronson, seemed to concur, calling his sister and Lohan a “cute couple.”

After the jump, some information about Camille Paglia.

Paglia is an intellectual of many seeming contradictions: an atheist who respects religion and a classicist who champions art both high and low, with a view that human nature has an inherently dangerous Dionysian aspect, especially the wilder, darker sides of human sexuality.  She favors a curriculum grounded in comparative religion, art history and the literary canon, with a greater emphasis on facts in the teaching of history. She came to public attention in 1990, with the publication of her first book, Sexual Personae: Art and Decadence from Nefertiti to Emily Dickinson. Her notoriety as the author of this book made it possible for her to write on popular culture and feminism in mainstream newspapers and magazines. Paglia challenged what she saw as the “liberal establishment”, including academics, feminist advocacy groups such as National Organization for Women (NOW), and AIDS activists ACT UP.

Paglia describes herself as a feminist and as a Democrat who campaigned for John F. Kennedy as an adolescent and later voted for Bill Clinton and Ralph Nader.   She has broken with liberal orthodoxy by taking controversial stances such as rejecting the idea that homosexuality is an inborn trait  and being skeptical about global warming.  Her views on issues such as date rape, pornography, gay rights and educational reform have led to accusations of misogyny, homophobia and neoconservatism. Paglia’s embrace of fetishism, pornography, prostitution and male homosexuality puts her at odds with American social conservatives.  Her views on recreational drugs, prostitution and sexual consent laws tend to be libertarian. She has expressed her admiration for U.S. Presidential candidate John McCain’s running mate Sarah Palin.

Paglia’s friends and supporters include Andrew Sullivan, Christina Hoff Sommers, Rush Limbaugh, Bill Maher, Matt Drudge and her Yale mentor Harold Bloom.

Recently Paglia revealed:

“My partner, Alison Maddex, gave birth four years ago to a boy, Lucien Harry Maddex, whom I legally adopted. (He inherits his names from the two sides of Alison’s family.) My favorite amusement these days consists of tossing balls around or endlessly watching impudent cartoons like Sponge Bob Squarepants, which I think immensely superior to nearly everything else on current TV.”

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