Okay, while Lindsay and Samantha rein as our A#1 favorite lesbian couple at the moment, Ellen DeGeneres and legal spouse Portia de Rossi are nipping right at their lesbo heels.   (Of course, neither Ellen or Samantha are wearing the heels – they wear the pants.)

Here is the wedding video from the legally recognized marriage of Ellen DeGeneres to lovely Portia de Rossi.

Lindsay and Sam . . . we’re waiting for your big day and video.  (Lindsay – really, make sure that a dresser from The L Word does a little personal styling for Sam that day.   Safest bet – trust us.)

  1. bentcrude says:

    ahhhh i prefer ellen and portia [i’m ancient though]

  2. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Bet we’re older . . . we just like ’em younger 🙂

  3. Anonymous says:

    Very sweet – thanks for posting this.

  4. x says:

    I loved seeing the video on the EDS yesterday and found that I couldn’t help but get all emotional at how lovely they both looked and how in love they both are… setting the video to Joshua Radin’s song Today made it all the more beautiful and how great was it that Joshua sang the song at the wedding for Portia and Ellen?

    I’m a big fan of both couples (Ellen/Portia and Samantha/Lindsay) and I sincerely hope that the day will come when we get to see a blissfully happy Lindsay and Samantha enjoy their wedding day too-wouldn’t that just be great?

  5. steadycat says:

    The wedding video was so beautiful. *wipes tears* It made me want to get married. ahem… I am available for someone as lovely as Portia (or Ellen but mostly Portia) to sweep me off my feet and make me their wife. I have my suitcase packed and ready to go. *hums wedding song*

    It really was a lovely video. Thanks.

  6. Bencincboycle says:

    Right now looked through the posting! amazing job! Mill Valley Sheepskin & Leather Co. .

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