. . . ratings.

Our favorite photo of Rachel is the big smile, cute one in the pink shirt with the Haynes showing underneath, shirt half in / half out, where she’s sitting by her best friend – the arm dressed in green and orange.  Really, she is one of those butch girls that would be a do over  . . .   again and again.  Very hot in that photo.  See photos below.

Having a distinct bias toward lesbians in heels, we have ignored very cute (actually quite handsome) lesbian Brainiac Rachael Maddow.  But Rachael can be denied no more.

When a lesbian licks Nancy Grace on television  . . . well, what can you say that people aren’t already thinking?

We could have said that Rachel licked Larry King . . . Lou Dobs . . . Hardball?   All true but the visual just isn’t there for us.

Here are the numbers from Tuesday night:

O’REILLY 3,060,000
GRETA 2,908,000
HUME 1,977,000
COOPER 1,828,000
SHEP SMITH 1,724,000
KING 1,710,000
OLBERMANN 1,635,000
GRACE 1,166,000
DOBBS 1,156,000
HARDBALL 821,000

UPDATE:  Some very “smart” MSNBC viewers have apparently been writing to Rachel to let her know that she’s . . . oh my . . . gay!


Our lesbian champion’s new show has been on the air for about a month and – not surprisinly – she’s topping them all.

And for all of you Repblican housewives with closeted limp-wristed husbands, sorry to tell you but you will not be able to butch up your life with Rachel.   Rachel has been happily partnered with artist Susan Mikula since 1999.  How’s that ball and chain fitting about now Rachel?

By the way, we did a post a few weeks back about lesbian make-up and hair.  Rachel will be added to the list; although I’d bet that most of the lonely Republican housewives like Rachel in the “before” state.  Damn, if we were into butch girls . . . Susan we’d be after your hot wifey.

Bonus information:   Rachel is an admitted bad dancer which again would make her a perfect partner for a straight Republican women.

Rachel and Susan


PS – would you Rachel lovers come over to Two Lesbos Goin At It.  It is the only place that you will ever read the script from an adult movie.

That’s right – go to Two Lesbos Goin At to read the actual script from the film “Who’s Nailin Paylin.”  Yes – you read it right.  And you thought porn movies are made without scripts, didn’t you?


  1. Aubrey says:

    Wait, the last picture is her as well???

  2. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Aubrey –

    Yep, that’s her too. Apparently Rachel has quite the geeky side but that shouldn’t be too suprising in light of her huge brain.

    She has a degree in public policy from Stanford University in 1994. She then received a Rhodes Scholarship in 1995 and used it to obtain a D.Phil. in political science from Lincoln College, Oxford University.

    My guess this is her with a little extra weight and wearing her favorite pair of glasses.

    Thanks for coming by and especially a HUGE thanks for the comment.

    One Lesbo

  3. steve says:

    i dont think they were asking because of the geek factor they were asking because that looks like a guy! (the give away is the no adams apple) good god msnbc has gone nuts (well actually they went the opposite direction)

  4. steve says:

    although it does solve the problem of having a (somewhat) attractive woman anchor and the….. whats the word “cohones” of a male anchor. Im sure she carrys around two brass balls in her pocket.

  5. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Steve! Thanks so much for reading and for the great comments. Yeah, totally got what she meant but we can only be so Un-PC without feeling a little bit guilty and/or being accused of being men. Plus, she really is talented/smart & even though it’s not my cup of tea we wish her great success.

    Steve, sorry for the delay in responding. We’re in New York at a reception for a wedding. So Lovely Spouse has banned me from blog stuff. On the other hand, she chats . . . a lot . . . so she’s downstairs chatting up guests at the bruch while I sneak upstairs to check out the blog.

    Hope that you’ll stick around/come back and watch 2 Lesbos Goin At It

    Kiss Kiss

    One Lesbo

  6. Elaine says:

    I’ve only watched videos of her on YouTube (I’m in the UK, sigh) but she’s amazing to watch, especially when she gets in her stride. Personally, I think she was much cuter as a geek, but I see the television makeup artists have had their way with her 😉

    Loving the innuendo, by the way.

  7. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Elaine,

    Rachel is a women who looks out of her element with too much make-up or overdone hair. Ellen is like that too.

    Thanks for the comments. Be sure to stick around.


    One Lesbo

  8. Johnny Thunders says:

    That’s dude’s hot.Strap on Rach?

  9. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Johnny Thunders –

    So glad you stopped by with a comment.

    I’ve never seen the dude’s hot strap-on. What? Were you using a mirror and watching over your back Johnny?


    One Lesbo

  10. Alex says:

    Man alert

  11. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Alex! Thanks so much for stopping by to watch 2 Lesbos Goin At It and a HUGE thanks for leaving a comment.

    “Man alert.” Interesting comment. I assume that you think it’s insulting to be called a man. Hey sweetie but I wouldn’t sweat it too much – I’d guess that it rarely happens to you.

    Be sure to come by early and often.

    Hugs and kisses,

    One Lesbo

  12. Ada says:

    Maddow rules–she’s a great role model for any woman out there, gay or straight.

    …Of course, that doesn’t exclude her from being a stone-cold hottie too. Yum!

    Love the site; I’ll be back!

  13. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Ada – thanks for the comment. We weren’t big fants of Rachel’s until we watched her show a few times.

    She is fantastic.

    Glad that you like the site. We have another site at http://twolesbosgoinatit.com

    Hope that you’ll check it out. It is updated more often and is more of a magazine style.

    Thanks again!

    One Lesbo

  14. Anonymous says:

    rachel should run for president, before palin, shes very bright,and people in her life style, cares about everybody, and wants respect for all peopel.

  15. Anonymous says:

    this fuckin dyke looks like phil oakey the lead singer from the human league (rachel maddow)fuckin left wingnut.

  16. I aint sayin says:

    Cute and smart, so of course Rachel’s gay. It’s just par for the course.

    From a disappointed lesbian who is currently living life trapped inside of man’s body.

  17. Corwin 38 says:

    I’m happy for Rachel that she has someone to live and be happy with but… she’s very cute and I am dissapointed…that I’ll never have a chance with such a smart, funny and sexy woman. 🙂

  18. Corwin 38 says:

    P.S. I love her show. It’s smart, informative and a pleasure to watch. Keep up the good work Rach!!

  19. tree monkey says:

    This man is a danger to the USA. He should not be on TV. His girlfriend aint cute either.

  20. BangTheDrummerBoi says:

    Gay? Straight? Bi? Transgendered? Homophobic? Heterophobic?

    All are welcome in my world, my mind, my personal space, and the personal space of my blog comment 😀

    I don’t think I got the memo about this new method for judging one’s character & intellect based on the length of their hair or personal lifestyle. Sorry- my GIRLFRIEND and I must have had the volume of the Melissa Etheridge & Indigo Girls CDs turned up too loud. Or maybe we were busy dying our hair rainbow & shaving two female symbols into the back of our mullets. Chances are I really didn’t get the memo because I was preoccupied with hating men & U-Hauling my lady’s belongings into my place. We’ve been seriously dating for a whole 3 weeks now, I’m so excited to be living with her. So all of this was happening while we were happily sporting our camouflage pants and Lilith Fair shirts. (Confirm & perpetuate the stereotypes enough for you there?)

    To me, Rachel Maddow’s universal appeal is surpassed only by her poise & approachability, as well as her charismatic and professional demeanor. But oh, hang on…she’s…she’s…a… lesbian!!! Worse…a lesbian who has strong political views & a 60 minute, prime time morning slot to help you & your homophobic coffee jump start your day. I’d bet my hands on this one- if Miss Maddow was a 5’10 femme lesbian with long blonde hair, a painfully fake tan, breast implants and a confused, dead-behind-the-eyes expression on her face, most of the comments & feedback about her would be the polar opposite of what they are at the current time. She’s gay. She’s attracted to women. She’s happily and seriously involved with another woman. She’s proud of who she is and comfortable enough to be out to her loyal, supportive audience. Sweet onions, she’s a lesbian.

    So the F what.

    I guess that completely negates the fact that she obtained highly reputable degrees from both Stanford & Oxford Universities. Oh, we can’t forget about that other little thing. Just the fact that she’s a Rhodes Scholar, no big deal. Actually, now that I think about it, what’s his name is a Rhode’s Scholar as well… Former President Bill Clinton. Heard of him? Maybe you’ve heard of his wife, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton? Probably not. Until now, you most likely thought CNN stood for Constant NASCAR Network every time you glanced at your TV Guide and complaisantly overlooked the news channels. I can dumb it down for you, not a problem: Did you know that we have an African American president now & women are officially allowed to drive & vote? They even let us wear pants and speak without being spoken to first. It’s paradise.

    My dearest Tree monkey, Anonymous, Alex & the rest of those (probably) residing south of the Mason Dixon Line-ease up on sipping that devil red Haterade. What’s that you say? You’re…you’re… straight!!! As in HETEROsexual???

    So the F what.

    If that’s the lifestyle you have chosen to live, then I wish you genuine love, happiness & tolerance from all. You may be a bunch of heteros, but nobody’s perfect. And I don’t judge, no worries. Close your eyes & open your mind.

    Oh…and try to be nice to us…we will inevitably be running the nursing homes & hospitals your kids stick you in once you are old & no longer of sound mind or body. It’s never too late to incorporate some good karma in with the bad.

    -Jodi, 25
    Nashville, TN

    My sincerest apologies for the length of my comment! Kudos to you 2 as well for fighting and winning all your battles on here with your minds & your words. Everyone could learn a thing or 6 from you on our journey towards harmonious coexistence. Your website is incredibly inspiring and informative- the exact type of page I’ve been desperately searching for. Much love.

  21. Anon says:

    I had crazy sex with Maddow,She has a flat 5 blocks from my office downtown, I have her cell number and she is miserable in her relationship. I knocked her sox off into the hudson river. She was a little tipsy however after the shower, which i begged her to let me shave her bush. LOL no pun intended, she wears boys undies….I had her reach her peak 8 times in a matter of 4 hours. I think we are both in love,

  22. Anon says:

    Oh yeah, her apt is small. and we both barely fit in the shower together which made it very erotic. She said I aroused her so and we had to get out of the bathroom at the girl bar where I got her intoxicated. Mikula was no where in site. She would probably kill us both.

  23. Johnny Angel says:

    I am a straight, politically non-ideological male. I saw Rachel on MSNBC for the first time about a week ago and fell in love with her. She is intelligent, glib, disciplined, and confident. I’d like to see her on O’Reilly or vice versa (she is too good for the dolts at CNN). Some people dwell on her sexual orientation – whatever she is is fine with me.

  24. Punky Brewstein says:

    Sorry, no offense to any of you queers out there, but this chick is one ugly bull-dyke!

  25. John hat does'nt require being soooo gay.Smith says:

    WTF is wrong with you people? Seriously, get a life that t does’nt require being soooo gay!

  26. Fat Arse says:

    Rachel is a treasure… gay, straight, or an alien it matters not to me. My wife doesn’t understand my attraction to the gal – but I just turn to her and say “listen to the words, listen to the interviews, and listen to the clarity” … in short, she is excellence personified!

    p.s. as for “Punky’s” comment – get stuffed! It’s their site, they can be as ‘gay’ as they wanna be… isn’t that what free speech is all about!

  27. Angry American says:

    This woman has no business touching the American Flag! She’s against every value this Nation was founded on. Her high school-like attacks on the United States are childish and fake. God Bless this wonderful Country!!

  28. Alan says:

    Why does he go by the name of Rachel??? Should be Ray.

    I see him fitting well owning a business named” Big bad Rays’ towing company”. He’s a little on the skinny side, but nothing a little rice and beans wouldn’t fix.

    • Jeff says:

      Hey man, he doesn’t have a mustache or beard though. I think he needs to invest in some facial hair first. No real woman would date this man – he’s too puny and on the dorky, nerdy side. Definitely wouldn’t get the chicks, which explains why settled on the ‘partner’ he did.

  29. Jeff says:

    What sucks is if I was in the mens restroom and this dude was next to me, I wouldn’t even know.

    Does this mean if I dress like a woman and throw on a wig, I can venture into the woman’s restroom too?

    What about tranny’s – which restroom do they choose? So to get this straight (no pun intended), basically whatever we think we are, we are… Like Peterpan?

    And people are okay with this?

  30. Richie says:

    lesbians are weird (at least to us straight men), but they can be some of the coolest friends for straight guys too, we are on the same team after all (sort of)! she seems like a nice person though, so I can respect her. i absolutely hate msnbc, but she is one of the only respectable people on that channel (keith olbermann is a total wacko especially).

  31. ron says:

    the bitch looks so much better as a boy. Douchbag, drop the makeup and let your freak flag fly. thank you luckey star you were not born three hundred years ago as you would have been just a fag to feed the flames.

  32. David says:

    Why does this ugly boy call himself Rachel?

  33. El Heffe says:

    What a vile, condescending egotist. Rachel Maddow is a perfect example of an elitest narcissist. She is always right, and closed mindedto all ideas that do not support her hateful broken agenda.

  34. Gurfein says:

    Rachel is a dumb kunnt. She is a perennial piece of …. no not azz, rather, shitt!

  35. Gurfein says:

    Rachel — your nookkiee is waayy past its prime. No gurll wants it nymor. Sorry gurl.

  36. Gurfein says:

    Rachel — I like how you reminded us all tonite of all the defects in the Trump family members. You seemed so manly of you. It turned me on. I can’t sleep. Please do me. — A wet unmanly female.

  37. Gurfein says:

    Rachel — your hoozie excites me. Can we meet up? Please wear your manly glasses.

  38. J. Hon says:

    When I look at Rachel Madcow I vomit a little. Truly evil propagandist for the Marxo-fascists and G.E.

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