To My Ex-Girlfriend With the Hot Pink Lipstick – Sorry

Posted: September 18, 2008 in Lesbian
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Okay, I’ve been seeing these photos of Lindsay Lohan wearing bright pink lipstick.

I’m now civilzed and unionzed (for several y-e-a-r-s), complete with ball and chain, but if you look in the bottom drawer (left side) of my makeup, you will find the remnants of an old lesbian love.

Well . . . no . . . not an “old” lesbian. I always made it a practice not to date “old” lesbians. Back in my single days, once I hit 36, the only way I dated someone as old as me was taking home 2 girls that were at least 18.

Back to the lipstick.

For a couple of years I was in a very serious relationship with a beautiful young woman – Lydia. The 7 year old boy of one of my other ex’s described Lydia as, “You know mom, one of those hot girls that rock stars date.”

Now that we’ve established that I have the mind of a 7 year old boy when it comes to young pretty fem women – here is the point.

Lydia – sorry about making you change your lipstick. Maybe it wasn’t that bad. Lindsay Lohan seems to be wearing it in every photo.  

Lindsay Wearing Lydia's Shade

Lindsay Wearing Lydia's Shade

  1. Kurt says:

    Hey, leaving the world of politics for a moment, Lindsay Lohan on Ugly Betty… How awesome is that!
    Sorry, everyone that knows me knows I have a thing for America Ferrera.

  2. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Kurt!

    Thanks so much for coming over to watch 2 Lesbos Goin At It.

    Hope that all of our readers will check out Kurt’s blog at:


    One Lesbo

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