UPDATE SEPTEMBER 24, 2008 FROM THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER (YEP, IT’S HANSON), AFTER THE JUMP:  In a world exclusive The NATIONAL ENQUIRER names GOP VP Candidate Sarah Palin’s secret lover  

First, please note from the screen shot in our last post that former business partner Scott Richter is the individual filing a motion to have his divorce records sealed.   Ah, but there’s more .  .  .

Second, we just had a comment from an individual in Palmer, Alaska who brings up some legit points and so I’ll share it in the main post by way of this update:

Business ended because after 3 years of no snow brad and todd decided to get out of the snowmachine bidness. there was no affair and the palins and hansons continue to be friends and business partners to this day.
I’m learning, as our little guv glows in the spotlight,that everything that comes to the national media is probably b.s. the old saying don’t believe anything you hear is absolutely true.

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The Sarah Palin, VP Barbie, soap opera is getting better than the Jerry Springer show.  Let’s hope that it doen’t end like the episode of the show entitled “Secret Mistresses Confronted”.  Hours after the show was broadcast on July 24, 2000, Ms. Campbell-Panitz was found dead in a home that the three Springer guests were fighting over.

We’re trying to verify information and so will update shortly but here is our newest cast member:  Brad Hanson from the City of Palmer, Alaska

So far I have been able to resist any and all potential lesbian remarks related to his facial hair; however, keep in mind that Sarah was a point guard, loves to shoot guns, and has been photographed many times wearing both a baseball cap and do-rag.

Note to reporters: The City of Palmer currently has 2 job openings:

(1) Maintenance
Deadline:Thursday, September 18, 2008 at 5:00 PM

(2) Public Works Director
Deadline:Friday, September 26, 2008 at 5:00 PM

Photo of Hanson and more after the jump.

I would apply for one of this jobs but I hate cold weather and have no desire to do anything involving either maintenance or work; but it would be a great way to cuddle up to Palmer for some inside information. I’d be glad to provide a fake job reference for any reporter/applicants.


Brad Hanson (Council Member)

Re-elected October 2005, with current term ending October 2008.

Council Member Hanson was elected by the City of Palmer voters to serve in October of 2002 and re-elected October 2005. His current term ends in October 2008.

Brad Hanson

Coming off his 10th year as a Palmer city councilman, Hanson said he’s running for another term because he wants to finish what he’s started. (No wonder some of the hockey moms love Coach Brad.)

Of course, ladies, every lesbian finishes what she starts.  As you may have noticed, while we don’t take paid advertisements; we promote from within every chance we get.   

“I’ve been doing it for 10 years,” Hanson said  . . . .  of his council service. “I’m interested in the city of Palmer.”

Hanson said while he feels the council has made much progress over the past decade, there’s still work to be done.

“There are some things that still need to be done to improve the quality of life here,” Hanson said.  

Born in Montana, Hanson moved to Alaska at age 2, landing in Glennallen with his family. He moved to Palmer when he was 6 and has lived there for 40 years now.

The offense coordinator for Palmer High School’s football team and head coach of Palmer’s varsity hockey team, Hanson also owns some property from which he makes a living.  [Hanson also has a deep appreciation and dedication to hockey moms but the reporter didn’t realize the significance of the confession at the time of the original report.  Update:  Apparently not all hockey/football moms love Hanson.  Click here and read the comments.]

Educated at Northern Arizona University and the University of Alaska Anchorage, he holds a bachelor’s degree in finance and also has a master of business administration.

Hanson said some of the improvements that have happened while he’s been on council include more recreational opportunities for area youth, the paving of many Palmer streets and the beautification of downtown.

Now, Hanson said one of his objectives is to increase the shopping opportunities in Palmer while maintaining the town’s appeal.

For those worried about big-box stores crowding the streets in Palmer, Hanson said a large retail ordinance passed years ago already addresses how the city would handle such growth.

“It doesn’t prohibit large retail,” Hanson said. “What it says is here are some values we deem important to our community.”

Hanson went on to call shopping a quality-of-life issue, adding that if residents have to leave Palmer to buy the goods they need, the city is not being a “full-service community.”

Not only that, but Hanson said Palmer is exporting its sales tax revenue to Wasilla by being deficient in some of the stores at which many residents want to shop.

“Small-town charm costs money,” Hanson said. “It costs a lot of money.”

Unlike Brown, Hanson said he isn’t disappointed more people didn’t file to run for a council seat. During his next term, Hanson said he’ll continue doing what he feels he’s done for the past decade.

“I’m just going to try to do the best job I can,” he said.


  1. Peter says:

    Quote: (edited for spelling]

    “its funny how brad Hanson is a violent coach likes to yell a lot and wins best coach….its also funny how [Shetter?], Wasillas football coach was the same way..yelling at his kids every practice almost the entire practice”

    The more I read about small town America, the more relieved I am not being a part of it all: bitchy GOP vice-presidential candidates with a shady past, fraud, weird small town politics…

    I still wonder where these people get there “news of the world” from: FOX-tv? A local rag or tabloid? As an educated W-European, I cannot relate to any of these people at all.

  2. Apparently… You may be able to add Ray Wells to the list of possible Sarah Palin lovers.


    So far there is Hanson, Richter and Wells. I can’t believe I am actually thinking of buying the National Enquirer when it comes out! lol

  3. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Connecticut man – thanks for the tip. I posted about him but can’t seem to find much out there to give any more background but I haven’t spent much time on it yet.

    I was too busy reading a fantastic blog: p://drinkliberal.blogspot.com/

    I need to go back to my post about Wells and give you a thanks.

    One Lesbo

  4. brvak says:

    Business ended because after 3 years of no snow brad and todd decided to get out of the snowmachine bidness. there was no affair and the palins and hansons continue to be friends and business partners to this day.
    I’m learning, as our little guv glows in the spotlight,that everything that comes to the national media is probably b.s. the old saying don’t believe anything you hear is absolutely true.

  5. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Brvk – well, if our little ol McCain had chosen someone with real experience and/or if he had chosen someone able to do her own talking – we’d already know the answers to all of these questions.

    Instead, the McCain campaign is pretty damn happy that we’re all chasing stupid gossip soap opera tales than actually talking about the issues or talking directly to your lil gov.

    So . . . .

    However, I totally agree about the don’t believe what you read.

    We try to update as soon as information comes out. For example, the 98 pages of the Richter divorce file shows nothing and we updated our post ASAP. Likewise, there are photos that some claim to be Bristol drinkiing – they are not and so we posted that.

    The easiest way to clear all of this up would be to allow Sarah Palin to do interviews but they can’t do that because unlike any other person in history, Sarah Palin is going to cram to be VP as if she’s taking a CPA exam.

    It really is shocking – much more than any of these silly stories that bring lots of readers to my blog so that I can actually influence their thinking on LGBT issues.

    Thanks for coming by, hope that you will return and any time you have information – be sure to share.

    Warmest regards and thanks for the added information,

    One Lesbo

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