Watch Video Katie Couric Talks About Sarah Palin Interview – The Morning After

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Lesbian
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Watch the video of Katie Couric on the CBS Early Show talking about her interview of Sarah Palin.

  1. x says:

    What concerns me whenever I hear Sarah Palin speak is that she sounds almost as well informed on the important topics such as the economy and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as I myself would were I asked these same questions, and that’s not a good thing!

    I am not however running for office for the position of 2nd in command to the highest office in the United States and God forbid something were to happen to John McCain, this woman would become the leader of this country and how any voter can think that this is a good thing is beyond my comprehension.

    While Sarah Palin is to be commended for the successes she has thus far achieved and for indeed making a case for women with families to be able to break through the proverbial “glass ceiling”… she has only proven herself to be an eloquent speaker when it comes to her public appearances thus far but she has fallen short when actually being asked tough political questions that need real answers.

    If this country (come election day) doesn’t recognize that a McCain/Palin ticket requires more than just a wide eyed smile from an attractive woman skilled at reading from a teleprompter to secure the road to the White House than I fear that this country is in for a long and far more precarious situation over the next 4 years than we are even currently finding ourselves in!

    As this election draws closer I would ask every eligible voter to really take some time out and get as much information about the beliefs and policies of the people we are being asked to choose between so that come election time each voter will walk away from the polls knowing he or she will have made their choice based on what they feel will be best for our country and not based on misinformation, celebrity, gender, race, etc.

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