And there you have it.  Everything that Sarah Palin said after the presidential debate last night.

  1. x says:

    That was quite funny… good job. Actually, I imagine that the Republicans are hoping that she says just as much at the debate on Thursday where she will have to face off against Biden and finally say something substantive.

    The debate is certainly going to be an interesting one… I hope that Biden doesn’t speak down to her (like McCain did to Obama “You don’t understand…”) or get argumentative as I fear that this might cause a backlash from a great many women in this country (I would not be among them, however) who would call out Biden as sexist, condescending, etc. Biden needs to speak carefully and try to avoid missteps (otherwise known as “foot in mouth” syndrome).

    If McCain wants the country to see why Sarah Palin was chosen as his Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah will certainly need to step up and give us her A game, because the McCain camp can’t keep her from the press forever, and we’ve seen what she’s capable of so far with the few times she has talked to the press, and that isn’t much (IMHO)!

  2. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi x –

    Do you really think that Palin will show? No way. There is going to be some huge problem requiring Sarah’s absence. In fact, Bristol just might go into labor or there will be a huge BP spill in Alaska (arranged by her husband, BP and the McCain campaign), the baby will be deathly ill and rushed to the hospital, her husband will have a heart attack . . .

    Thanks for the comment – as usual!

  3. x says:

    Considering that rumor has it that McCain’s whole “suspend my campaign” to rush back to take care of the financial crisis we are in deal was supposedly a way to postpone his and Obama’s debate thus throwing the whole debate timeline into chaos and in so doing forcing the cancellation of the VP debate, I would certainly not be shocked to find that on Thursday, October 2nd the country is greeted by the Republican’s pulling an infamous ‘October surprise’ and somehow throwing a wrench into the VP debate forcing it to be ‘postponed’ or more likely shelved entirely.

    However if this is not the case then I’m kicking back with some popcorn and getting ready for one hell of a crazy show…

  4. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Thanks for the comment x – I just posted on my first guess about what the dog ate my paper excuse will be . . .

    That debate will not happen.


    One Lesbo

  5. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Well – guess I was wrong.

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