This is a long post.  I hope that you will read it.  I’ve finally come to terms with who John McCain is and who John McCain has always been.   And tell me, who are today’s men of integrity in the leadership of the Republican party?   Other than Senator Chuck Hagel from Nebraska, I honestly can’t think of one.  

So actually, it’s not just the Christian right catching on, I’m beginning to catch on too.  I have been shaking my head thinking that this isn’t the John McCain I had admired for years.  Well, maybe John McCain was never the man made by the media.   Reality has slapped me in the face seeing how easily we (including me) can be manipulated into accepting the media’s version of a politician’s history.

John McCain first came to Congress in 1982, not long after my father died.  My father was a hardcore Republican, retired from the Army after 32 years and one of the best fathers ever.  He was honest, hard-working, believed in the American system, made us watch all presidential annoucements (sit still, be quiet, and listen “the president is on”), helped out the neighbors, took time for his kids and he loved my mother dearly.   So I always thought that John McCain was like my dad.  Although I’m a hardcore Democrat – I always thought that if only a guy like McCain would head the Republican ticket . . . maybe . . . ?

My dad loved Barry Goldwater.  Another man that I imagined to be like my father.   You see my father – although a good man was also a bigot.   He had no time for silly topics like homosexuals or civil rights.  People basically needed to fall in line according to his way of thinking.   However, good Republican men like Barry Goldwater provided objective evidence that a good man like my father would also change his bigoted opinions as he gained more facts.   Unfortunately my father died in 1981.   He never said that it was “OK” that I’m a lesbian but before his death I could feel and see the flicker of understanding that was starting to grow.

The photo is is of Sen. Barry Goldwater, on the right, as he poses with his running mate William Miller at the 1964 Republican National Convention in San Francisco.  I was 5 years old.  Miller was one of the prosecuters at the Nuremberg trials. Miller is the only practicing Catholic to have been nominated for national office by the Republican Party.  Mabye McCain picked Sarah Palin because she was baptized a Catholic?  And we thought it was her gender. 

By the mid-1980’s Republican men like Barry Goldwater were getting fed up with the increasing influence of the crazed far-right Christians on the Republican party.   You see my father didn’t have much use for them either.  

Anyway, Goldwater eventually became an outspoken defender of gay rightsSo even though my father didn’t live to make that change – I know that he would have because of men like Barry Goldwater and John McCain.

I’ve been a little shaken by the extreme nature of John McCain’s campaign.  Obviously the man is desperate to be president and that’s why he endangered the country by picking Sarah Palin as his running mate; but in my experience men like Barry Goldwater and my father would have never lowered themselves to this level.

However, when reading a post that I wrote back on September 16 and reading the Times gambling investigation I realized that John McCain was NEVER like Barry Goldwater or my father.  

John McCain has always been a cocky, shoot from the hip, gambling, womanizing, self-centered, power-hungry Republican.  

Today the papers are full of the stories about John McCain’s history of gambling (up to 14 hours a day at times) and his history of working with the casino lobbyists.   Here are a couple of quotes from one of the articles:

“We’ve known for a while of John McCain’s childhood connection to the region, where he lived for a short period when his father was serving a stint here as a Navy submarine commander. But it wasn’t until the results of a New York Times investigation were published earlier this week that we learned the extent of McCain’s involvement with another mainstay of eastern Connecticut culture, our casinos.”

“Of course more troubling than the disclosures in The Times story this week of McCain’s gambling in a Connecticut casino was the suggestion that he used his position as chairman of the Indian Affairs Committee to help lobbyists working to stop a third tribal casino in Connecticut.”

Now the big question is will McCain’s gambling ties hurt him with the Christian right-wingers.  In fact, check out this article from a CBN (Christian Broadcasting Network) blog which describes the new Democratic National Committee’s ad featuring McCain’s gambling.    It’s written by David Brody of The Brody File.  Here is how the article ends:

“The DNC knows that McCain’s so called penchant for gambling can hurt him among some social conservatives. It may not play well with other strongly religious voters as well. Indeed, the last thing McCain needs is another problem with the Evangelical base. In this case, the gambling issue could most likely trump the lobbyist issue. I mean it’s not like he’s playing the lottery or bingo or a quick 25 cents slot machine. This is high stakes gambling we’re talking about. Then you throw in the lobbyist angle and you have a dangerous credibility issue. Will voters buy it and will it stick? Does this bother you?”

Here is the DNC video.  A link was provided in the Christian Broadcast Network blog entry:


What follows is my post from September 16, 2008.   Let’s just hope that the Christian Right is also waking up to the man we’ve all called an American hero. 


“Suppose Barack Obama had dumped a crippled wife and married a beer heiress one month after the divorce.  Don’t you think he wouldn’t have been tripped up by such a scandalous past?  The Republicans would have had a field day mocking his character. But John McCain’s tawdry personal history is rarely mentioned.”

Quote From CHICAGO SUN-TIMES COLUMN SEPTEMBER 16, 2008 by Mary Mitchell/Sun-Times

John McCain with the family he left

Actually, from the dates that I’ve seen, McCain obtained a marriage license to marry Cindy before the divorce was final . . . heaven forbid we talk about that with the family values crowd.

McCain did not sue his wife for divorce until Feb. 19, 1980.   McCain obtained an Arizona marriage license with Cindy on March 6, 1980, while still legally married to his first wife.  The divorce was granted April 2, 1980, and he wed Cindy “My Outfit Cost $300,000” Hensley in a private ceremony on May 17, 1980.

Friends of the McCains such as Nancy and Ronald Reagan were not happy with what John McCain did to his first wife.  Cleary the Reagans had good reason to feel this way.

Here is what John McCain’s been quoted as saying about meeting Cindy.

She was lovely, intelligent and charming, 17 years my junior but poised and confident. I monopolized her attention the entire time, taking care to prevent anyone else from intruding on our conversation. When it came time to leave the party, I persuaded her to join me for drinks at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. By the evening’s end, I was in love.”

But he WAS MARRIED with small children at home at the time of this romantic encounter.  Shorter version of story:   I was a dirty old man (as I still am) husband and father.  One night I got really horny when I saw this girl almost young enough to be my daughter.  So I immediately asked her to go to a hotel with me.  I thought it was the usual one night stand but when I found out she was rich I decided to dump my wife and kids.

I also don’t get why no one speaks of Cindy McCain’s history as a drug addict stealing from a medical charity.   The woman is RICH and well-connected.   She didn’t have to steal.   The fact that she’s a recovering addict really is no big deal – I mean Sarah Palin’s teenage son is apparently a recovering addict – in the scheme of things. 


Some say that Democrats should not talk about Cindy McCain’s history of drug addiction.   Fine.  Can we talk about having the first admitted thief as First Lady?  

My in-laws go on and on with their FOX News induced claim that Michelle Obama doesn’t love America.

Yet, we know very little about the made-up tranny mess Cindy McCain and her history of drug addiction and stealing from A MEDICAL CHARITY!  In fact, I’m not sure that the in-laws even know about Cindy McCain’s past. 

Guess it all comes down to this . . . if you’re the party of family values you can head your ticket with a guy who left his crippled wife for a trophy millionare tranny mess (also a thieving drug addict) and then top off your ticket with the mother of not only a pregnant teenage daughter but of a recovering addict teenage son . . . and your family values crowd won’t even notice  . . .  

Hey, but if you’re a politician who supports a family like mine (2 moms and a boy) .  .  .  the “family values” folks won’t be able to vote for you.   

All I can say is that McCain and Palin are the best advertisement yet for some form of government other than representational democracy.    

Are Civics/Government classes mandatory in any state’s public educational system?

Mrs. John McCain
Mrs. John McCain.  Hard working mother dumped for rich girl 17 years younger than John McCain.

John McCain and His Blonde Rich Young Trophy Wife

  1. Phare says:

    Yes , very interesting article , little more such information in online!
    Many thanks Author.

  2. ozymandiaz says:

    he is the man that I always wanted to be
    got rid of the cripple with the children three
    got himself a rich hot young trophy
    who funded his career so politicaly
    yes, for me, a family values man
    here is a guy for whom I can take a stand
    who exemplifies the kind of guy I am
    a god fearin’

    YEE HA

  3. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Yee Haw!!!

    Ozymandiaz, thanks for coming by and for the great poem.

    Hope our readers will check out your blog:

    Another example:

    Unremarkable September 16, 2008 by ozymandiaz

    Six completely unremarkable things about me

    I am the falling rain that you cannot see

    I am the tranquil moon lost in light of noon

    I have a butt completely different from that of a baboon

    I have but seven fingers yet twenty eight toes

    I believe I have an elephant living in my nose

    And the final unremarkable thing about me

    I hope one day to be the writer of poetry

  4. x says:

    My father was in the US Army for 28 years and is also a staunch republican and was disappointed when I voted for a democrat in the last election. I told him that he should be proud to have raised a daughter with a mind of her own who pays attention to things and votes her conscience. I am now a registered independent but I will be voting for the Obama/Biden ticket this time around.

    I find that the world we live in has become far too politically correct… thankfully it would seem that things are starting to turn, but for the longest time following 9/11 I felt that too many people feared speaking their minds lest they be labeled anti-American. I saw people genuinely upset but too scared to say anything against the Administration and when I said that I was against the war in Iraq (after all wasn’t it Osama bin Laden and Afghanistan that we were supposed to be going after?) people tried to say I was Anti-American and didn’t support our troops. These people got a good tongue lashing from me… as I told them of my pride in my father’s 28 year military career and his two tours of duty in Vietnam and that I fully supported our troops around the world fighting for all of us, but that did not mean that I had to support a war started on lies! That silenced most of the people.

    I write the above to illustrate my point that while John McCain is certainly to be commended for what he gave to his country this should not be some sort of automatic bullet proof vest disallowing anyone to speak out against the man and his policies. Everytime someone wants to disagree with John McCain the inevitable response is to chastize that individual for daring to speak out against an American hero. I find this to be more Un-American than anything else… that peoples first ammendment right to freedom of speech should be squashed if it in any way dares to impune the reputation of “Captain American himself, John McCain”.

    We should not have a pass on our right to our opinions of any person based on their race, sex, or in the case of John McCain their military record!

    John McCain (as well as Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Sarah Palin) should not be shielded against having to answer the difficult questions asked them for any reasons… this country is at a point in time where political correctness should be pushed aside and honesty should be front and center. The political spin machines and the media bias (on both sides) as well as the notion of blue vs. red states needs to be stopped… what we need now are the answers to the very difficult questions of if elected what will these people do to put this country back on track?

  5. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Thanks for a very thoughtful post. Even though I wish that Obama had more experience I really do believe that he will be able to get us back on track. He’s willing to say it out loud and call this stuff what it is. He’s also able to do it in a calm and professional manner. The rabid Republicans will probably spend the next 4 years trying to trash Obama if he is elected and that’s really a shame.

    Wouldn’t it be great if we went back to finding the best people to lead the nation and we were given information regarding their qualifications, past record and plan for taking us forward?

    Instead we’re eyeball deep with Obama’s wife doesn’t love America / used the word “whitey,” Obama must be a Muslim.

    Have we done the same thing from the other side? To some extent; although I think most of the trash about McCain and Palin is factually correct.

    In addition, the system has become so entrenched in this stuff that you can’t win unless you’re willing to play this way. In fact, that’s why John McCain didn’t get the nomination instead of Bush. I blame the leadership of the parties for this. It’s time that the parties got together and said “enough.” But that won’t happen. The only way that will happen if a team like McCain and Palin are slapped back by a huge margin.

    The other reason that I’m willing to trash McCain and Palin is because of their (including the Republican party) cavalier attitude toward families like mine. You can’t win political race after race on the back of my family (marriage equality – Social Security – legal connections to our children . . . ) and not expect some push back.

    So until they stop trying to hurt my family, I’m going to trash them every chance I get because they deserve it. My good conservative mother and father would have done it for our family and am carrying out the family tradition.

  6. James says:

    I couldn’t have said it better! Thank you for this post!

  7. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi James,

    So glad that you stopped by and especially appreciate your note.

    Let’s hope we win this one!

    One Lesbo

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  10. sgtphoenix says:

    Let’s face facts here. Neither candidate is good for the country. They were picked by delegates, so we get to choose from the 2 that were selected for us, and this year, both conventions at a local, state and national level intentionaly were penalized so that the choice was made by even fewer delegates (superdelegates).

    This who countries political system is a scam and “We The People” are out in the cold in our own country!

    Sadly, my country does not exist anymore!

  11. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hello Sgt Phoenix!

    Thanks for stopping by and especially for taking the time to leave a comment.

    Well, you know we never get much of a pick. The way we do the primaries is just crazy.

    Your country still exists. Don’t get over dramatic – you’re not Perez Hilton or Paris Hilton.

    Senator Obama will make a much better president than what we’ve had for the past 8 years.

    So buck up and vote early!


    One Lesbo

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