First, a confession.  I was too nervous for Sarah Palin.  I simply could not watch live.  No matter how unprepared she is for the vice presidency or even more so the presidency, I do not like seeing her humiliated.  I am so relieved to read, watch and discover that she did not make a fool of herself. 

Also, the first thing that struck me when researching the debate and the reaction – Sarah Palin looked gorgeous.  I assume that male viewers are thinking the same thing as this lesbian.  It is impossible to ignore.  I’m curious do straight woman have these reactions to handsome male candidates?   

At least one study has shown that men (on average and based on photos) prefer less high status and less high power females.  You have to admit that Sarah Palin seems much less powerful than Hilliary or even Katie Couric (although Katie is adorable).  Also, I think we all know that generally men are more responsive to the visual than perhaps the average woman is. 

Strangely enough on the same page as the study on men is a study regarding lesbianism.  Here is the story:  Lesbianism May Be Increased By Thyroxine And Amphetamine In Pregnancy.   

I did not read the story but I know one thing.  They must have given Thyroxine and Amphetamine to my mother in boat loads!

Sarah Palin Looking Better Than Dream Barbie

Andrew Sullivan has some great one-liners from many of the pundits.  Everyone is fairly generous to Sarah Palin and of course the usual suspects are singing the Republican spin of how Sarah Palin wiped the floor with Biden . . . yeah, right.   If you want to read more from the paid robopublican conservative hacks and spinners – here is the place.

However, what’s interesting is that the McCain campaign is actually running banner ads with this same over the top response – and they even made it funny by saying the quote is from, “A famous person.”  However, I doubt that many animals found the phrase, “She Killed,” to be humorous when related to Sarah “The Kill It, Skin It & Eat It if I Can See It” Palin

You know, thinking more about that.  Republicans are not funny.  Could the ad be pre-debate?  Was it to be updated with a name after the debate? Interesting . . .  Take a look:

Over at The Plank on the New Republic site you can find an article about the Insta-polls:

CNN just published its instant poll of people who watched the debate. Result: 51 percent thought Joe Biden did the better job, while 36 percent sided with Palin. The CBS poll of undecided voters yielded similar numbers: 46 percent thought Biden won, while 21 picked Palin.

Let’s stipulate that these instant polls are not the most accurate measures of public opinion. Here’s the interesting thing: The results are virtually identical to the results from last week’s debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. In CNN’s poll, 51 percent thought Obama won while 38 percent thought McCain won.  CBS had it 39-25 for Obama.”

However, what caught my eye (other than Palin) was a comment from fougasseu :

In Minnesota, we’re feeling this is Jesse Ventura all over again.

He’d grin derisively when his opponents would be talking, he’d never answer a question, just belch out weird colloquialisms. He was this odd white trash populist that was so fascinating, we fell for it.

He hated politics and politicians, which is a bit odd coming from someone obsessed with the power of it all.

Jesse Ventura with lipstick…yuck.

Obviously I don’t think Sarah Palin looks like Jesse Ventura nor did I think of Jesse Ventura when researching the debate, I get the point and it’s a good one.  Palin stirs up folks who don’t like politicians – especially liberal politicians. 

The St Louis Dispatch created the following word clouds from the Palin / Biden debate.   The larger the word the more often the debater used that word. It probably is telling that Palin’s largest word is “also” while Joe Biden’s are “John”  “McCain” and “Barack.”

The current running polls at the St Louis Dispatch ask about who was mean or warm and who won.  At the time I took the poll readers were overwhelming saying that Palin was mean while Biden was warm and Biden won the debate.   I’m the bold in the following snapshot:

 Tom Shales at the Washington Post says,

Sarah Palin looked as though she had prepared for her appearance at the vice presidential debate last night by studying Tina Fey‘s impressions of her on “Saturday Night Live.” She twinkled and winked and piled on the perkiness, a “darn right” here and an “I’ll betcha” there.

Michael Gerson at the Post described the debate as “a contest between the annoying and the awkward.”

And what did Kathleen Parker say?  As I’m sure everyone knows by now Parker has been filleted by the robopublican conservatives for having the nerve to admit that Palin is not qualified to be VP and for suggesting that Palin step down for the sake of her family and the country. 

I really think that Parkers’ remarks are right on the money.  It’s short, funny and accurate:

Well, darnit all, if that dadgum girl (wink, wink) didn’t beat the tarnation out of Joe Biden. Maverick Sarah Palin fersure surpassed expectations and said everything under the sun, also. And Biden smiled and smiled.

Palin is a populist pro. She hit all the notes that resonate with non-elite Americans: family (Hi Mom and Dad!), “Can I call ya Joe?” personal responsibility, Wall Street greed, children with special needs. Her most effective technique was speaking directly to the American people and letting Joe know that’s what she was gonna do, doggonit.

Stylistically, she used the language of the people to great effect. And, you know what? If you want to know what the American people care about, you can go to a kid’s soccer game on Saturday and ask parents how they feel, and “I’ll betcha you’re going to hear some fear.”

I’ll have to go to the transcript to figure out what Palin actually said and try to figure out whose facts were right. But there’s no question: She won the debate on popularity. She did her homework, studied hard, and delivered with spunk. Still, I had the uneasy feeling throughout that I was witnessing a data dump from a very appealing droid. Even the winks and jaw juts seemed slightly programmed. And the question remains: Is she ready to be president should the need arise?

And what does One Lesbo think?   I think Sarah Palin looked gorgeous  and didn’t humiliate herself.   She repeated her talking points over and over, she looked at her notes too much and the constant downhome talk wore thin on me.   In fact, I think Sarah Palin is still skating on thin ice with most voters.   All in all what happened last night probably won’t change anything.   Obama’s numbers are going up as uncommitted voters become more comfortable with him and McCain’s numbers with uncommitted voters are going down as voters learn more about McCain / Palin. 

  1. […] Everyone is fairly generous to Sarah Palin and of course the usual suspects are singing the Republican spin of how Sarah Palin wiped the floor with Biden . . . yeah, right. If you want to read more from the paid robopublican …[Continue Reading] […]

  2. votepalin says:

    We have such different taste in women. To each her own.

    The winking. I had forgotten about that. That is probably a defense mechanism of mine that kicked in. What was she thinking? Or doing? It was weird and borderline gross. Many negative points for that.

    I didn’t know much about Biden before the debate, but I have to say I now love the guy. Heck, I’d happily go with him to Home Depot (or perhaps a local hardware store) anytime. I can visualize him strolling through the aisles, stopping and chatting with everyone.

    I figured that Palin would be prepped to memorize speeches and regurgitate them. It was her only hope. She looks worst when trying to explain herself. And her answer to the Achilles heel question was classic Palin. In a more empathetic moment I wondered if she didn’t understand what Gwen Ifill had asked. But I suspect she fundamentally resents the idea that she has anything to learn and would tell us about it. I think she looked hostile at that point in the debate. Joe showed humility and depth. I’d buy Joe a hammer and a six-pack anytime!

    When Palin was first nominated I wondered how the role of “attack dog” would mesh with her looks, the “mom” image, and sexism. Apparently, not very well.

    Thanks for the thoughtful post.

  3. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Votepalin,

    Yes. I suspect that I don’t have the usual lesbian taste in woman . . . that wasn’t meant to be funny. Guess it’s one of those mornings where humor is popping up everywhere.

    I meant to get a photo of Palin winking but forgot about it until I saw your comment.

    I keep laughing about the McCain ad screaming “She Killed.”

    It sounds like something for a movie about Sarah Palin killing animals. “She Killed” everything in sight and then she ate them . . .

    So if Palin is measured against other national political figures (another joke is there – with Palin they are every where) – her debate performance was horrible. But she’s measured against the Katie Couric interviews and at least parts of it were watchable.

    Thanks for the comment, as always.

    One Lesbo

  4. Abbie says:

    Wow, I’m like a posting machine on your site, now. I really don’t find Sarah Palin attractive even a little bit–and neither do any of my lesbian friends. I find Michelle Obama to be much, much more attractive, and way better dressed.

    I’m glad that Palin was under such great media scrutiny. It made people want to watch and see what happened. And even though she did passably well, Biden came off incredibly well. He was likable, sincere, knowledgeable, and trustworthy. I imagine that a lot of people who were “uncomfortable” voting for Barack (either because of his youth or his race) are now feeling a bit more comfortable.

  5. x says:

    Okay so what did we all learn during the debate this evening or rather last evening as I am typing this on what is now the morning after?

    I can say that I learned what I thought I would… Gov. Sarah Palin is good at speaking in front of a crowd! Yes, yes, she’s personable and her awww shucks I’m just like you regular folks out there and not like the elite Washington folks probably played well to those that were already on the side of McCain/Palin. We learned that if you don’t pay attention you might actually get sucked into the whole downhome appeal of Sarah Palin and her little winks at Joe Q. Public. However if you were actually paying attention you would have seen Sarah Palin doing what Sarah Palin does best… answering a question with a question or not answering a question at all or giving an answer that had nothing to do with the question being asked.

    So basically Sarah Palin is a good speaker and has a likeable “down-home” personality and Sarah Palin didn’t really do much damage in this debate to the McCain/Palin ticket (at least going by what the Republicans post commentary shows).

    Joe Biden clearly didn’t hit any major winners out of the ballpark either during the debate, but did actually answer the questions being asked by the moderator and didn’t condescend to Sarah Palin. Joe Biden also tried to further establish that the Obama/Biden ticket is running as the ticket for change and that a ticket of McCain/Palin will only continue on the George Bush path.

    For the most part (with a few exceptions here and there) this debate like the first presidential debate as well didn’t particularly have a clear winner and thusly neither party likely gained or lost much ground.

    This is of course all my own personal opinion and what I took from the debate, but then again I may not be in the majority… we shall see as we get further along and closer to the actual election day.

  6. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi x –

    From what I read your opinions are pretty similar to what everyone else saw (except Fox News). In fact, the polls are almost exactly the same as the first debate.


  7. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    So Abbie –

    Don’t tell me that I’m out of the lesbian club because I think Palin is hot.

    I just won’t tell anyone else.

    Thanks for posting. I tend to agree, the Obama comfort level is growing.

    Thanks for posting,

    One Lesbo

  8. Megan says:

    About thinking Sarah Palin’s hot: well, she is. And I’m a straight girl. Yeah, I think she’s hot but of course I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole because she’s an idiot. And yeah, sometimes I feel that way about other politicians. Barack Obama makes my toes curl, mostly because of his beautiful voice and his lips. I can’t recall thinking that many other male politicians were hot, probably because they generally aren’t.

  9. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hi Megan,

    Sarah Palin seems to have become more attractive as the years have passed. She was a less than beautiful child. She looks like a chunkie tomboy with thick thighs as a teen. Palin was a boring beauty queen and even as mayor, her photos don’t show her as being that attractive.

    With age she seems to look better and better.

    So, would I touch her with a ten foot pole? Before I met Lovely Spouse I would have repeatedly touched her without the involvement on any “pole” (that sounded worse than I meant for it to).

    You know those wolves that Sarah Palin wants to chase down in airplanes? Think of me as a wolf and my Lovely Spouse as Sarah Palin. And that, that is why I wouldn’t touch Sarah Palin now.

    Megan, we always love it when straight girls stop by and talk about hot woman so please come back early and often.

    His beautiful voice and lips . . . interesting. “Voice” certainly is not a plus with Palin. I don’t think I could have ever touched her if I had to listen to her talk. Although from listening to earlier debates the downhome and over done accent seems to be turned up a few notches for the Republican base. Do you think that it’s even possible to whisper in that annoying accent?

    Thanks Megan,

    One Lesbo

  10. votepalin says:

    In my mind there’s no contest between Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin. It’s a slam dunk for Michelle, and she was the one who didn’t play organized basketball.

    But let’s steer this thread back to a more serious note: Rachel Maddow. It’s a good world when our favorite charming, intelligent, Rhodes Scholar lesbian gets her own policy pulpit on radio and TV. And her web site features these absolutely cute pictures of her.

  11. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Hello Vote Palin,

    You confuse me with your name and then a shout out for Rachel Maddow. Are you one of those Republican women referred to in our post: ??

    Come back early and often!


    One Lesbo

  12. votepalin says:


    No confusion. After Palin was nominated I looked around for domain names to use. Why shouldn’t I have first rights to the name “votepalin”? It might have otherwise fallen into the hands of someone who would <> encourage people to vote FOR Palin. Someone is squatting on the domain

    It’s also easier to get your posts and links to your site approved by conservative blog censors (i.e., FoxNews) when your domain name is “votepalin”. I can’t help it if my tag line “You Know What You Get When You Bring a Shotgun to the Wedding” rings too literally for some people. I have a serious case of bad irony.

    You got to love the internet.

  13. udachman says:

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