We have it at Two Lesbos Goin At It – the entire script for Larry Flynt’s Hustler adult porno – on no – movie about Serra Paylin. Just like Sarah Palin she’s a hockey mom ready for adventure.

Check it out.

  1. steadycat says:

    I must say, Sarah does nothing but scare me. *whispers* My girlfriend said ‘call me Sarah, John’ and I ran screaming from the room. Thats like being on a bad acid trip, only worse.

  2. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    I’m still laughing over that one. “Call me Sarah – John”
    now that is very funny

    would you please get over to my new site to leave comments? I’m getting out of breath going from one to the other.


  3. anna says:

    Off topic but I saw this article on the Sydney Morning Herald Online

    The writer is trying to imply that Lindsay is ‘pretending to be gay’ for publicity.

    I think if someone of your age and profession he would value your opinion more. Maybe if you could write to him? Cause Sydney Morning Herald is a reputable newspaper and he obviously hasn’t done his research. Maybe inform him that there is evidence that she was closeted, that her publicist denied her admittance of their relationship and that Lindsay and Sam never do attention-seeking things in public and don’t make out in public and are setting a GOOD example for the gay community.


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