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Why Shane’s Hair is Always So Messy

I’ve Never Had a Boy Friend – Guys Don’t Quite Do it For Me

Rapper Lil Dyke

Mother Tells Me You’re In Love.  Is He Just Like All The Others?

The Only Girl You Should Be Seeing Is Jenny Craig

It’s All Because the Gays Are Getting Married

The Defenders of Marriage

A Lesbian Love Song to the Secretary of my Tortured State, Condoleezza Rice!

A Beautiful Marriage – Surprise

Great Lesbian Dance Scene With Holly Hunter

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  1. Okay, what fun! You’ve done a nice job of assembling some really fun videos here. I’ll have to share these with Peaches this weekend; she’ll get a kick out of them.

    XO, Katie

  2. Still Laughing says:

    I had to tell you just how much I enjoyed these. I started to just watch 1 (the guy with the panty girls around him) and it was so funny I decided to watch the next.

    I watched them all. Thanks.

  3. jul says:

    Hey there…have you seen the previews for “bitch slap: the movie”…if not, I bet a thousand dollars you’ll want to add it to your video list.

    I find it…well…funny, sexy and totally hot.

  4. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Jul, I’m off to check it out. Already checked out http://grrlplanet.com/ this morning and left you a litttle note.


    One Lesbo

  5. steadycat says:

    I loved the videos. My favorite was the one with Holly Hunter. I think I need to expand my circle of friends.

  6. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Yeah, me too. Now that Da Brat (aka Lil Dyke) is going to jail, I’m gonna have to go out and make friends with Queen Latifah.

  7. steadycat says:

    I’ll introduce you to Queen if you can introduce me to Holly. *checks Queen Latifah’s planner and hands it back to her* There’s an opening next week. 🙂


  8. 2lesbosgoinatit says:

    Next Tuesday, 10:30 am, Hollywood Walk of Fame, she’ll be waiting for you

    Although, the safer bet is at your house on Monday evenings starting March 9 – be sure to tune your TV to TNT 🙂

  9. Michael Tim says:

    I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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