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I just read a thought provoking post by Amber:  I am a BIRACIAL lesbian!

In the post, Amber discusses an Austin gay and lesbian magazine named L Style G Style.  The L Style G Style website describes the magazine this way:

L Style G Style is the authoritative lifestyle magazine for social and cultural influencers in the gay/lesbian community and beyond. It offers an unprecedented forum for reaching highly discerning and affluent consumers who set the tastes and trends for our society as a whole.

I had never heard of the magazine until I read Amber’s post. So I checked it out. The first thing I noticed was a photo of Bettie Naylor. All lesbians should know about Bettie. She is a walking, talking hero. I added a photo of Bettie and her partner, Libby Sykora, to our Lesbo Photos section. The photo is from The L Style G Style website. I’ve wanted to add the couple for some time but was unable to find a good photo of them.

Back to Amber.

What is the obligation of L, G, B, and/or T organizations/publications/websites/support groups to include a diverse representation of the “LGBT” community?

Is Amber’s reaction justified?

Even a quick peek will reveal that the L Style G Style website is about as white as white can get.

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