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Doubt that David Letterman will get many last minute cancellations after the payback that Letterman is serving up to John McCain.  Letterman was brutal to Sarah Palin through the entire show.  It didn’t let up.   NBC anchor Brian Williams was one of Letterman’s guests.  During their conversation Letterman went from mocking Palin to expressing serious concerns about Palin’s qualifications and McCain’s judgement in naming her. 

Here is a little taste.  Will you watch and laugh?  You betcha! :

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We did a post on the results if you run a search on “Sarah Palin cringe.”  On September 26, 2008 there were 198 news articles found through Google.   So, how is she doing on the cringe meter 2 days later?


Today – a whopping 524 news articles contain the words “Sarah Palin cringe”.   Yes!  524.  That’s quite a jump from 198. 

And, what will her “dog ate my paper” excuse be for cancelling the VP debate with Joe Biden on Thursday?