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December 19, 2008 | One Lesbo | Comments 1

Palin Grandmother Arrested – Levi’s Mom Caught in a Drug Sting

Levi Johnston may have knocked up Bristol Palin (Sarah’s daughter) but now  . . .   it’s Levi’s mommy who is the one with female trouble.  Yes, Levi’s mom got popped by Alaska State Troopers during an undercover drug investigation.

This Palin family just can’t seem to stay away from undercover action. 

And while Bristol is set to pop this weekend, Levi’s mom is due back in court sometime soon to face her six felony drug charges!  Ouch! 

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  • She was involved in a sexual affair with an FBI agent’s wife that lead the FBI agent to kidnap and attempt to murder the lesbian-loving wifey. As a result, the FBI agent was sentenced to 23 years in prison.  (A photo of our lesbian/author with the adulterous wife is on our Lesbo Photos page.  Can you pick them out?)  The book detailing the events is fascinating.  She is one of the most popular contemporary crime writers in US history.   She claims to have discovered and revealed the identify of Jack the Ripper
  • She has millions of fans.
  • She is close friends with the family of the Reverand Billy Graham and wrote a biography of his wife, Ruth Bell Graham.  
  • She’s friends with a number of high-profile Republicans including George Bush.  It has been reported that since 1998, she has donated at least $130,000.00 to the Republican Party, and has made additional individual contributions to Republican U.S. Senate candidates including George Allen, John Warner, and Orin Hatch.
  • She’s been accused of having an obsession with Jodie Foster.
  • She has been the subject of an Internet stalker requiring Court intervention.
  • In 2007 she gave an interview disclosing that in 2005, she married Dr. Staci Ann Gruber in Massachusetts.

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Lesbian rapper Da Brat – real name Shawntae Hawkins – was sentenced to three years in prison Friday for hitting a club waitress in the head with a bottle of rum on Halloween 2007.

The rapper reportedly caused the victim permanent facial damage on the night in question at Atlanta’s Studio 72 nightclub.

This isn’t Da Brat’s first violent run-in with the law: In 2000, the rapper was charged with beating a woman with a gun at a nightclub because of an argument over VIP seating.

Brat also received seven years of probabtion and 200 hours of community service.

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Over at they may think that Jessica Simpson is crazy but that ain’t nothing.

Meet Sarah – the lesbian you do not want to mess with. Just ask Tony.

Sarah and Cherrie were live-in partners. Tony was visiting Sarah from out of town.  Well, one night the two lesbian love birds and Tony decide to go to a party together but for whatever reason Cherrie got a little upset during the evening.

Chivalrous Tony gave Cherrie a ride back to the house that she shared with Sarah.

By the time Sarah came home Tony and Cherrie were all nakie butt ready to do some more ridin (that means have sex). Tony reports that upon seeing the state of affairs, Sarah’s face became “white with anger.” I’m not sure why Sarah takes her angry face – white? I take mine red, like my wine.  Who knows, maybe it was the fish that Tony was about to have for dessert?

Sarah then slashes Tony’s face with a razor.  Is that not weird? I mean I could give someone a superlative close and comfortable shave but what kind of razor has Sarah been using?

Upon her arrest, Sarah expressed a deeply felt regret,

“I only wish I’d slashed his throat as well. Cheryl is the only person I ever loved.”

. . .
“My only regret is that I didn’t slash the bitch as well.”


Now that, that is a crazy-assed girlfriend.

UPDATE*** We have some confirmation on a photo of Romeo Tony (not Tony Romo – he’s with the other crazy girlfriend).  After the jump . . . Tony the Slashed. 


Admit it, while we act shocked, we all love reading those stories about student/teacher affairs.  One of my favorites is the Pamela Smart story from back in the early 90’s.  Pam gets her 15 year old boyfriend, Billy Flynn, to murder Pam’s husband.  I’ve probably watched the “True Crime” version 8 times on the Oxygen channel.    Click here to read one version of the teacher’s tail or tale.  

Poor Mary Kay - I just want to cuddle her

Mary Kay - Isn't She Adorable? Wish I could have "had" a teacher like her!

I like that one the best because of all the female teachers who get caught with students, Pam is one of the few that seems really guilty of a crime.  For example, does anyone really think Mary Kay Letourneau was guilty of anything except being an emotional/mental wreck?  

Bottom line, I always feel sorry for the female teacher.


Maybe, just maybe, one of the reasons that I feel so supportive of the female teachers is that once upon a time, in a land far far away, I too had an affair with my female teacher.  I was probably 14-15 and she was in her mid-20’s.   Yes, she was an adult in a position of authority over a minor but  . . . a crime . . . really?  I just don’t see it. 


She was married and straight – totally straight when we met and totally straight after our affair ended.   I look back and all I see was a vulnerable young teacher being flattered by attention from a popular kid at her high school.  She didn’t know that I was a lesbian.  She just knew that she felt a very strong attraction to me.  But I’m not surprised, in my youth, many straight girls and women seemed to have a strong attraction to me.  AND I LOVED IT!  I took advantage of it every chance I got.   I was one of those high schoolers who got more tail (always older straight females) than a toilet seat kind of kids and I had the confidence of a no tooth hooker.  (Some days I can’t go out of the house because I look a little fat.  A no tooth hooker not only goes out – but she has the balls to actually ask for money for some of that.)

I wonder what my ex-teacher thinks every time she watches the news or reads the paper or a magazine or a story on the Internet describing a female teacher going to jail for having sex with a student? 

I think that whoever turned her in is a rotten stinking rat fink.

Click on the “read more” link to read some headlines about teachers and students having lesbian affairs.


You have to read this one for yourself.*   The alternative title was:  “Search for Pussy Goes A Rye,” but this is a family (sorta kinda maybe) blog.

“Shooting someone for being a homosexual and for supposedly having sexual intercourse with a cat he helped rescue and for making the animal homosexual too is possibly one of the silliest motives I have ever heard in my life”, said the magistrate.

And there’s more.   Kitty’s daddy  (known locally as “Zé Pistoleiro”) took his shotgun to the wrong neighbor’s house and instead of shooting the gay guy neighbor, he shot Anabela Cruz.    Is “Anabel” ever a male name? 

You just have to read it.

Sorry Butch But the Wedding Has Been Called Off Due to a Serious Case of Mistaken Identity

Here is the story in Ze Pistoleiro’s native language which I believe is Portuguese: 

*The date line on the English language story shows Feb. 2008.  However, checking Yahoo and Google news it looks as if Kitty’s Daddy was recently sentenced.