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Read the original email from son to dad

Just got this from a reader – supposedly the dad’s reply (see previous post) and it’s probably faked but again, all interesting.  If anyone has a full email string on this would love to see it:

do not have time to answer right now but I saved this article because I thought you might start getting antsy lol

whenyou’ve been around as long as me you’ll get it – the dems ALWAYS raise your taxes they think that my money and yours can solve everybodyelses problems

and don’t discount national security, family, faith – the guy is not one of us

McCain deserves this he has earned it how could you not vote for him?

we do need to talk later

Obama’s capital gains tax plan and business tax plan would make things worse.

Remember this exchange in the debates?

MR. GIBSON: And in each instance, when the rate dropped, revenues from the tax increased. The government took in more money. And in the 1980s, when the tax was increased to 28 percent, the revenues went down. So why raise it at all, especially given the fact that 100 million people in this country own stock and would be affected?

SENATOR OBAMA: Well, Charlie, what I’ve said is that I would look at raising the capital gains tax for purposes of fairness.

Obama’s tax plan on businesses would mean
* higher prices on the goods you need
* reduced pay for employees
* fewer new jobs
* more employee layoffs

Obama’s socialist tax plans are wrong for the Economy at this time because it would make things worse.

Read Dad’s reply to this email.

I have no idea where this came from or if it’s for real.  But it is interesting.  The version I got was bold but it screwed up the post if left it that way but that’s the only change.  I didn’t get the attachment.  Does anyone have it? 

hey Dad
Let’s talk later today. Looking for what you think and what you’ve been thinking. Here is mine. Give me the best reasons that I should vote for McCain and tell me if what I’ve found is a load of bull. I’m having trouble thinking it through. Maybe too much CNN & SNL haha Also need to check out what obama might do to small businesses – havn’t had time to do that do you have anything?I’m thinking okay, McCain has done such strange things over the last couple of weeks and Sarah Palin isn’t ready so thought it best to check out Obama’s tax plan for myself.

Taxes and taking care of my family is my issue – it’s the only issue as far as I’m concerned. However, McCain is obviously the only choice for national defense. Finally, a war hero as the president – – – – but that won’t pay my bills.

You’d have to make over $250,000 a year for your taxes to increase under the Obama plan. I’ve attached a chart. So this idea that he’s gonna raise taxes on us may not be right – unless your somebody that I’m not – no way I make close to $250,000 a year. I wish!

I’m also looking at gas prices. My taxes didn’t go down much during Bush’s time but gas has gone crazy. So they lowered my taxes by a few dollars and then raised the price of gas x 3.

And it ticks me off that the top people at oil companies are getting rich while we are getting robbed at the gas stations.

They had record profits and some CEOs made over $30 million in one year.

When Bush took office the average price of gasoline was $1.56 per gallon. Now it’s $4.07 . I don’t know who is to blame but I know that my tiny tax cut didn’t pay for the out of pocket that I have in gas.

Do you think that the numbers from the Census adjusted for inflation are right? I’m not sure how this works but it looks like most of us lost more than $2,000 a year in income since Bush has been in office. That makes since because at work we’re cutting back cutting back – asking to pay more of our own health insurance. While prices have gone up up up, work gives me less less less. Dad, is the Washington Times an okay sourc? Aren’t they conservative? Maybe I’m wrong if so discount this story – read title=”” href=””>this story from the Washington Times. the country has lost jobs for the last 7 months and house values are zomming down.I know my house is worth lots less now. We wanted to move when Tom hit 6th grade but I don’t think we could pay off the mortage with what’d we’d get.

Here is the Obama tax thing in a nut shell – Looks like my taxes would go down. I’d have to make over $250,000 to get an increase.

Other stuff I found and it is making me lean against the party. I just can’t keep going backwards financially . Maybe you have to be rich for it to work for you. I’m I off here?

Exxon has had record profits. They booked $11.7 billion JUST IN one quarter. Here is an article on it:
Last year, the CEOs of the 15 largest oil companies took home a total of $512.9 million, averaging over $34 million each. The top earner of $95.1 million was Bill Greehey, top executive of Valero Energy, the la…you can read more here



If you want the entire story behind this, go back to our posts yesterday and just keep reading through today.  We included links to the MySpace pages and more.   First, Daddy said that Sam is writing a tell-all about Lindsay, causing Linday to drink, living off Lindsay’s fame, eating kittens for lunch and wearing puppies as shoes . . .  you get the idea. 

Next, from the set of Ugly Betty, Lindsay tells dad to shut up.

Third Step, Samantha MySpace blogs about Daddy Dearest Lohan, reminding him that Lindsay likes her best.

Fourth, Lindsay MySpace blogs about Daddy, reminding him that he needs to shut up.

Fifth, Daddy-I’m-Out-of-Control but still need to find fame and live off of Linday’s money (not realizing a need to shut up) goes to ABC news complaining that Lindsay now only makes $1 million a movie.     If you want to read the ABC news story just click the image below.

We’re not going to re-write what’s already been written so well by Sam.   This one is straight from Samantha Ronson’s own writing on her own MySpace Blog.  Go read it:

Lindsay Lohan’s father is a real jerk.  Don’t we all agree on this; if the guy really cared about Lindsay, he wouldn’t being making comments to the media, he’d send Lindsay a private letter, call her or go see her . . . obviously she’s not that hard to find.

And, Lindsay’s MySpace comments:

Visit early and often!
Lindsay Lohan hasn’t talked to her father, Michael Lohan, for some time, but has responded via the media to her father’s latest attention grabbing gab-fest with reporters.  So listen up big-mouthed Lohan Daddy.
Lindsay says she’s tired of her dad publicly commenting on her mom Dina, sister Ali and friend Samantha Ronson, and finds it unfortunate that he turns to the media to get attention. “He’s out of control,” she reportedly told Access Hollywood from the set of “Ugly Betty,” where she’s filming several guest appearances for the ABC show’s third season.
“I want him to stop hurting and talking to the media about the people I love,” she said.
In an interview with media outlets on Tuesday and Wednesday, Michael Lohan said Ronson was “using” his daughter after hearing rumors that the DJ might be writing a tell-all book.  He also called Sam “a drug,” claimed that she’s keeping Lindsay from working and causing her to drink again. 
The Drama Queen Daddy also claimed that he would “give his life” to get Samantha out of Lindsay’s life.
He is such a loser!  Put him back in jail where he belongs for his criminal lack of common sense and parenting skills.

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