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UPDATE SEPTEMBER 25, 2008   National Enquirer Names Brad Hanson As Palin’s Secret Lover


None of these stories alone means anything but the cumulative effect is to show one very odd and messed up family.

Here is the latest on Sarah Palin and her family from the National Enquirer :   CLICK HERE

The new story claims that Bristol Palin was caught on video tape smoking pot . . . like mother like daughter . . . what else is there to do in Alaska . . . oh yeah . . . guess that explains all of the babies too.

If you’d like to read the over the top claims that her mother-in-law filed against the State of Alaska, you can read the case decision here:   CLICK

The facts from the Supreme Court state that on  November  27,  1993, Blanche Kallstrom (Todd Palin’s mother) and  other  members  of  the public attended a social function and  dance  at Jakes  Place,  an  alcohol abuse transitional  care  facility  in Dillingham.  The lights at the facility had been dimmed  for  the dance.   Non-alcoholic drinks were available  to  guests  in  the kitchen  area  adjacent to the dance floor.   During  the  dance, Kallstrom went to the kitchen at the request of her young  cousin to  get  a  drink  for nine-year-old Lori Dee Wilson.  Kallstrom poured  a  drink from a pitcher sitting on the counter which  she believed  to  contain fruit juice and gave it to  Lori  Dee.   In fact,  the  pitcher contained a lye-based caustic detergent  that caused  severe, permanent internal injuries to Lori Dee when she drank it.

So is the lawsuit about the injries to Lori?  No No No . . . poor Kallstrom suffered the injury here!  Yes, Kallstrom had the nerve to claim that she was injured and sustained severe shock and emotional distress because she stupidly gave lye to a child to drink. 

Oh and Blanche Kallstrom is married to Robert Kallstrom (Todd’s stepfather) who was involved in an allegation of sexual harassment.  Check that out here in a decision involving unemployment benefits.  CLICK.