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Yep, Little Man was asked by one of his friends tonight, “Which one is your real mom.” 

And, what did Little Man say in response?  Go to to find out.

Watch Two Lesbos Goin At it early and often!

I just read a thought provoking post by Amber:  I am a BIRACIAL lesbian!

In the post, Amber discusses an Austin gay and lesbian magazine named L Style G Style.  The L Style G Style website describes the magazine this way:

L Style G Style is the authoritative lifestyle magazine for social and cultural influencers in the gay/lesbian community and beyond. It offers an unprecedented forum for reaching highly discerning and affluent consumers who set the tastes and trends for our society as a whole.

I had never heard of the magazine until I read Amber’s post. So I checked it out. The first thing I noticed was a photo of Bettie Naylor. All lesbians should know about Bettie. She is a walking, talking hero. I added a photo of Bettie and her partner, Libby Sykora, to our Lesbo Photos section. The photo is from The L Style G Style website. I’ve wanted to add the couple for some time but was unable to find a good photo of them.

Back to Amber.

What is the obligation of L, G, B, and/or T organizations/publications/websites/support groups to include a diverse representation of the “LGBT” community?

Is Amber’s reaction justified?

Even a quick peek will reveal that the L Style G Style website is about as white as white can get.

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