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The Human Rights Campaign and their trusty Senior Communications and Media Center Manager, Michael Cole, decided to talk to them there gays and lesbos in Wasilla and greater Alaska. (HRC also helped keep an eye on Russia while they were there. Thanks HRC!)

Before we really talk about the HRC video – last night I was thinking about Sarah Palin’s comment to Katie Couric.   Palin said, “one of my absolute best friends for the last 30 years happens to be gay.” 

Okay, for someone to have been Palin’s friend for 30 years, that person has to be from Wasilla, right?   So what was the population of Wasilla 30 years ago?  Well, in 1970 it was 300 people.  Yes!  300 people.  Now, if we assume that only a third of those people fall into the right age category (although I suppose the friend could be Sarah’s first gym teacher), that leaves only 100 people who could possibly be the gay friend. 

In addition, any woman identifying herself as one of my “absolute” best friends would in reality translate into “and by the way – we did it.”  I go back to our original post on Sarah Palin.   All of those photos playing basketball, wearing baseball caps, hunting . . . holding fish . . . she is so close to being one of us . . .   In fact, her beauty queen photos look remarkably similar to photos of one of my friends (not an absolute friend) who was a lesbo running amok in the beauty pageant world.   She always won Miss Congeniality too.   Isn’t that interesting. 

Just thought of something.  Is the word “absolute” like “fabulous.”  It is only used by gay men or people thinking of gay men?  If that’s so, we could be looking for a boy and number 1 please don’t tell us if you did it with her.  NOTE:  The gay is a lesbian.  Went back to the interview.  Palin loves her (the gay) “dearly.”  Gee, that narrows down the list of potential lesbians to about 50 people.  Come on media get on this.  Find the lesbian that Sarah Palin loves dearly!              

(Yes, there is a hunting joke there but I’m skipping it.)

I’m from a small town.  And I’m positive that if any of my friends from my hometown said that they have had a gay friend for 30 years, 90% of the population could come up with my name in less than 30 seconds.  So if Sarah’s friend wasn’t out – he or she is now. 

In Cole’s video-tapped conversations with LGBTXYZ Alaskans, it’s clear that none of them realize that Sarah Palin is their friend.  Obviously it’s a good thing HRC made this trip. Now that Alaska gays understand that Sarah Palin has a friend that is gay, I’m sure that they don’t really care about her view on lesbo & gay issues.

I’m not always a friend of HRC. They’ve done some bone-head things and they’ve spent lots of money in DC that could have sent to communities where the real work is to be done.

On the other hand, the Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. And obviously we love HRC during presidential campaign seasons because they aren’t the Republicans in a Fog Cabin losers.

Oh, here is the video. PS – if you are the lesbian friend of Sarah Palin . . . come out come out where ever you are . . . and did you ever do it with her?