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Click here> Shunning God – Does It Lead to Hooking Up? Two Lesbos Perspective

Obama's Grandmother Madelyn Dunham - Photos, Video & More

CLICK HERE > Obama’s Grandmother Madelyn Dunham – Photos, Video & More

Sen. Barack Obama’s grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, has died following a bout with cancer, Obama and his sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, said Monday. She was 86.

At a rally in Charlotte, North Carolina, Monday night, the Illinois senator said “she has gone home and she died peacefully in her sleep with my sister at her side.”

We also have a video, photographs, links to other stories and a link to some of the disgusting comments over at Free Republic.

You just have to go over there to read it.   The whitey white right-wing nut cases at Free Republic have their panties all in a wad worrying that Rodney King gangs are going to riot if Obama does not win. 

If you think this is something, you should read what the polar bears are planning if McCain and Palin win!

Circle the wagons and read some of their plans: 

I’m not answering for ZULU, but from experiencing fighting the rioters in Newark, N.J. in ’67 & ’68. They don’t leave their neighborhoods, but attempt to burn & steal everything from all businesses in them. They will also shoot at any white person who happens to be there, or passing through.

I live in silicon valley, in a working class neighborhood, mostly hispanic and mostly homeowners rather than renters. I have 2 kids under 9 years old, so it would be important to have a safe trigger lock thingamajiggie. For me, money is very tight right now, so I am focusing on Minimal Outlay in terms of weapon purchase and ammunition. In addition, when this all blows over and it turns out to be nothing (which I’m hoping for, like the Y2K scenario), then I would have a fun little plinker gun to go out into the woods and enjoy. So I’m thinking of buying a 0.22 rifle with a scope, maybe 1000 rounds of ammunition. I’m thinking of semi-auto, perhaps with a lever discharge. I intend to buy whatever is cheapest at Big 5 Sporting Goods or Walmart.

Please keep in mind that there are thousands of lurkers who know that they have the RKBA but are a little bit nervous about buying and owning a weapon. These are not seasoned shooters. I doubt a shotgun would be the right weapon for such neophytes.

It would be a big mistake for them to venture out of the Hood, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t. After all, there is more to steal and burn in the “nicer” neighborhoods, and they won’t really care much about the color of the folks who own that stuff.

I keep a range finder and a night scope with the M1A along with a Police Sniper 700 Remington .308. I have also ranged the bullet drop all over my property and the set up the best places from where to shoot; upstairs dormers. I keep foliage cut away from the house for at least 50-75 yards to keep the shots clear and have motion lights on the corners of the house. There is a 75 yard entrance driveway and one can only drive down the way to get to the house. Fences keep those within the driveway. Its taken years of preparation but one never knows.

Any individual should be able to equip themselves with this type of weaponry for under 1500.00 dollars and not attract a whole lot of attention while doing so. With the money one can save using this list as a guide, a motivated person should be able to become quite competent with all of the firearms listed here for less than 3000.00.

Polar Bears Are Expected To Eat White Children If McCain / Palin Win

But they would be unlikely to go to residences in that case (too much risk of getting shot). It would be more like several carloads of thugs pulling up to a suburban store or bank, pulling out guns, grabbing what they can, and scooting back to sanctuary in the ‘hood.

If there were a lot of them, and they outgunned the police, then after the first few incidents we might find the police rather slow to respond.

And then they may call their gang members from other planets who will beam all white skinned people back to their unGodly world for sexual relations with very weird looking but nicely curved aliens.  

Down Boys!  Down!

When Freepers were told of the planned Polar Bear riots should McCain / Palin win, the Freepers claimed to have it all under control:

“That’s no problem, we have the Log Cabin Republicans signing up Polar Bears left and right.  You know their fur just looks white because of the sun so even though we’re gonna sign ’em up, we don’t actually plan to let them join.  We’re gonna give ’em just enough attention so that we can get them when we vote our folks in office.”