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  • She was involved in a sexual affair with an FBI agent’s wife that lead the FBI agent to kidnap and attempt to murder the lesbian-loving wifey. As a result, the FBI agent was sentenced to 23 years in prison.  (A photo of our lesbian/author with the adulterous wife is on our Lesbo Photos page.  Can you pick them out?)  The book detailing the events is fascinating.  She is one of the most popular contemporary crime writers in US history.   She claims to have discovered and revealed the identify of Jack the Ripper
  • She has millions of fans.
  • She is close friends with the family of the Reverand Billy Graham and wrote a biography of his wife, Ruth Bell Graham.  
  • She’s friends with a number of high-profile Republicans including George Bush.  It has been reported that since 1998, she has donated at least $130,000.00 to the Republican Party, and has made additional individual contributions to Republican U.S. Senate candidates including George Allen, John Warner, and Orin Hatch.
  • She’s been accused of having an obsession with Jodie Foster.
  • She has been the subject of an Internet stalker requiring Court intervention.
  • In 2007 she gave an interview disclosing that in 2005, she married Dr. Staci Ann Gruber in Massachusetts.

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