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Okay, I’ve been seeing these photos of Lindsay Lohan wearing bright pink lipstick.

I’m now civilzed and unionzed (for several y-e-a-r-s), complete with ball and chain, but if you look in the bottom drawer (left side) of my makeup, you will find the remnants of an old lesbian love.

Well . . . no . . . not an “old” lesbian. I always made it a practice not to date “old” lesbians. Back in my single days, once I hit 36, the only way I dated someone as old as me was taking home 2 girls that were at least 18.

Back to the lipstick.

For a couple of years I was in a very serious relationship with a beautiful young woman – Lydia. The 7 year old boy of one of my other ex’s described Lydia as, “You know mom, one of those hot girls that rock stars date.”

Now that we’ve established that I have the mind of a 7 year old boy when it comes to young pretty fem women – here is the point.

Lydia – sorry about making you change your lipstick. Maybe it wasn’t that bad. Lindsay Lohan seems to be wearing it in every photo.  

Lindsay Wearing Lydia's Shade

Lindsay Wearing Lydia's Shade