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It’s official – I am too old too look at these photos or think about Demi Lovato in a lesbian sex tape so I am mindlessly typing this with my eyes shut.

Demi Lovato recently had some racy photos leak including this one with Alex Welch, showing a girl taking a picture, while another one pulled her shirt down. The other leaked photo shown here is of Demi with her tongue out, licking some girl’s cheek.

Reports have circulated suggesting that there’s a sex tape featuring Demi. She was said to have cordoned herself off in her tour bus, inviting others back, while her uncle stood watch and kept everyone else out.

Oh my!  They grow up so fast.


Photo Has No Connection to Story - But One Lesbo Loved It!

Holy Shazam . . . I feel like I’ve been falling from the Empire State Building.  I’ve flipped down 50 stories and I’m thinking, “So far, so good!”   Oh yes, I’m an optimist and I am BACK!

This little adventure started when lovely spouse and I were debating frequently; thus, the title “2 Lesbos Goin At It.”   Always the marriage advocate, I gave up the blog, cleaned up my act and went to “couple’s counseling.”

More about that later.

So, I’m listening to the radio yesterday while on my way to buy a new coat at Banana Republic because lovely spouse is going on a date with either a married straight dentist or a single lesbian dentist designed to be the cover for the married dentist or the single lesbian dentist has been doing more than covering with my wife and she is THE person who caused my wife to invest my funds in yogurt, Monistat and Vagisil (which actually leads me back to the straight dentist) . . . either way – I figure free braces for little man at some point – right?

In any event, having this orthodontic burden potentially lifted from me, left me in a position to do something I have rarely done in many years – just go buy myself something.  And so I did – the coat.  I look so cute in it.  I would even date me and I’m damn picky.

The ad on the radio was about a medical clinic (no, not a free STD clinic) offering “minimally invasive hysterectomies.”  Really?  I tell you what, send your beautiful girl over my way and I’ll show her a little minimally invasive technique that I offer for no charge and she will still have her uterus after.   Minimally invasive hysterectomy . . . right.

Hey – spread the news . . . This One Lesbo Lesbian is BACK!  Sarah Palin, celesbians, and other kissable huggable others . . . I’m so chasing your ass.

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Listening to Daddy Lohan complain about Samantha Ronson being a victim of an “identity crisis” and describing Sam as a slob caused my thoughts to drift to a rising celebrity lesbian icon.

Watch the video and if you’d like to know exactly what got Shane into this mess, skip on over to our Lesbo Video page and watch some more “drive, drive, drive” by Shane.

Here is Shane (Kate Moennig) of The L Word, doing what Shane does.   

PS – Daddy Lohan needs to get in touch with his inner lesbian and realize – dirty lesbians are “in.”   And, is it just me or does the mother in this clip look way too much like Lindsay Lohan’s mother?  

Check early and check often.  Our pages with Lesbo Video and Lesbo Photos are updated on a regular basis.  Here are two that aren’t on the Lesbo Video page.   Enjoy!

The story:  Two summer associates (law students) at boring Minneapolis law firm Lindquist & Vennum were fired a couple of weeks ago for locking their lips around each others’ lips after locking said lips around one too many cocktails.   The girly girls got fired.   

Minnesota Lawyer Blog: The kiss of death?

Anyway . . . here is what caught my eye.  A caring comment on from a big city law firm partner reaching out to the girls in concern for their futures.

Dear Carpet-Munching Chicks Who Were Shit-Canned From Lindquist & Vennum:

I am the hiring partner at a major firm in D.C. If you appy to my firm, as a pair, and if you include photos of the two of you locking lips, and if you are hot, I will hire you at much more than Lindquist & Vennum ever could have paid you. And I will lobby to get you a signing bonus.

Question to lesbo ladies — are either of you into 41 year old married men with salt/pepper hair and a beer belly? If so, apply to all the big firms in D.C. (I repeat, as a pair) and I’ll do what I can to get you hired. No joke.

“Harold,” Big-Law Hiring Partner

Finally, Lindquist & Vennum might want to consider the firm’s own public conduct if they want to attract a different brand of associate.  No wonder they had a couple of lesbo summer associates:

Lindquist Lesbo Magnets - Softball Champs

Lindquist Lesbo Magnets - Softball Champs