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"Oprah" & "Gayle" from Untrue Hollywood Stories

TMZ will probably get a hit or two with today’s story titled, “Oprah & Gayle — Targeted in Lesbian Sex Tape.

We had the script for the Nailin Palin porn movie.  (I know, I questioned this too, “they have scripts?”)   But I don’t know, with all that crying and love talk from Oprah during the recent Babwa interview, I’d feel guilty even watching a fake Oprah and Gayle goin at it.

Photo Has No Connection to Story - But One Lesbo Loved It!

Holy Shazam . . . I feel like I’ve been falling from the Empire State Building.  I’ve flipped down 50 stories and I’m thinking, “So far, so good!”   Oh yes, I’m an optimist and I am BACK!

This little adventure started when lovely spouse and I were debating frequently; thus, the title “2 Lesbos Goin At It.”   Always the marriage advocate, I gave up the blog, cleaned up my act and went to “couple’s counseling.”

More about that later.

So, I’m listening to the radio yesterday while on my way to buy a new coat at Banana Republic because lovely spouse is going on a date with either a married straight dentist or a single lesbian dentist designed to be the cover for the married dentist or the single lesbian dentist has been doing more than covering with my wife and she is THE person who caused my wife to invest my funds in yogurt, Monistat and Vagisil (which actually leads me back to the straight dentist) . . . either way – I figure free braces for little man at some point – right?

In any event, having this orthodontic burden potentially lifted from me, left me in a position to do something I have rarely done in many years – just go buy myself something.  And so I did – the coat.  I look so cute in it.  I would even date me and I’m damn picky.

The ad on the radio was about a medical clinic (no, not a free STD clinic) offering “minimally invasive hysterectomies.”  Really?  I tell you what, send your beautiful girl over my way and I’ll show her a little minimally invasive technique that I offer for no charge and she will still have her uterus after.   Minimally invasive hysterectomy . . . right.

Hey – spread the news . . . This One Lesbo Lesbian is BACK!  Sarah Palin, celesbians, and other kissable huggable others . . . I’m so chasing your ass.

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Portia de Rossi is looking quite dapper in her “I Love My Wife” shirt – accessorized with her celesbian wife, Ellen DeGeneres, on her arm.

See the photo at

Lesbian Inspired Lipstick Available – The L Word Returns

The L Word characters Bette, Kit, Alice, and Shane have inspired 4 new shades of lipstick.

We have the colors. See if you can match Bette, Kit, Alice and Shane to their shades. We don’t know about you but our money is on Shane being matched with the lipstick shade shown in the straight-up erection position. Check it all out after the jump.

 Posted by One Lesbo at Two Lesbos Going At It on December 22, 2008  |  Comments 0

Halle Berry & Britney Kissing – 22 Celebrity Lesbian Kisses Hecklerspray

How did we miss Halle Berry and Britney Spears kissing? What a fantastic use of an afternoon – or more. The folks at Hecklerspray have done us all a favor by assembling their 22 favorite celebrity lesbian kisses. After the jump a video of Halle and Britney kissing, plus more.


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Samantha Ronson's MySpace - Home From the Hospital
By One Lesbo on December 22, 2008  |  Comments 0

Samantha Ronson’s MySpace – Home From the Hospital

Samantha Ronson is home from the hospital. This morning (December 22) Samantha left a Happy Chanukah message on MySpace (after the jump), says she is home from the hospital and that she was just exhausted. No wonder! Have you noticed the schedule that Lindsay and Samantha live with?


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Breaking Samantha Ronson Taken to Hospital
By One Lesbo on December 21, 2008  |  Comments 1

Breaking Samantha Ronson Taken to Hospital

TMZ is reporting that Samantha Ronson was taken to the hospital this evening. We have 3 different sources on the story after the jump. We’ll update as we get new information.


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Rachel Maddow Shout Out to Girlfriend Susan and Susan's Mom - Watch Video
By One Lesbo on December 19, 2008  |  Comments 1

Rachel Maddow Shout Out to Girlfriend Susan and Susan’s Mom – Watch Video

Watch a video of Rachel Maddow giving a shout out to her in-studio girlfriend (partner, lover, spouse, bedmate, wife – pick one) and the mother-in-law. Also, learn a little about the girlfriend’s (Susan Mikula) art show opening this evening in New York City.


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Message for Lindsay - Samantha, Don't Peek
By One Lesbo on December 19, 2008  |  Comments 1

Message for Lindsay – Samantha, Don’t Peek

So Lindsay – sorry that we didn’t have time to give you a ring but we’re out on the shopping trail for Little Man gifts. Along the way, saw these sneaker slippers for Samantha and thought you might want to take a look. Call when you get a chance.

Kisses. After the jump a link to buy the slippers and a photo of Sam’s shoe closet.


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Ouch! What Was That?  Oh, Obama Just Kicked Us Homos In the Face
By One Lesbo on December 18, 2008  |  Comments 0

Ouch! What Was That? Oh, Obama Just Kicked Us Homos In the Face

Well, that hurt.

My God Rick Warren has a huge head.


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