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Two Lesbos Goin At It

Two Lesbos Goin At It

UPDATE:  Bernhard says that she’s been misquoted.  She doesn’t remember exactly what she said but she knows that she didn’t say that.

You would think that Sandra Bernhard would know better. Liberal women – you know those radicals that don’t wear enough make-up, aren’t real keen on rape jokes. They especially hate “gang rape” jokes. And, you can’t sweeten them up by just adding in a little Sarah Palin.

So now Sandra has gone and gotten herself kicked out of a women’s shelter. And, as we know a shelter is “the place” for today’s lesbian. Here is the story from the AP.

By the way, we LOVE it when Sarah Palin and lesbians collide in the news. If we could only get that hot Olympic gold medal winning lesbian handball playing couple from Norway to get in on the Sarah Palin action. The readers we would get . . . wow . . .

She really isn’t very attractive is she?  I don’t even have any tips for her.  Oh well . . .

Well ol Joe Biden better hope that Sarah Palin doesn’t show up with her flute.   Simply, the woman can play the flute.  On the other hand, playing the flute during a debate might make her more of a windbag than Biden.    We love you Joe. 

Governor Sarah Palin is an accomplished flautist apparently.  In this clip from the 1984 Miss Alaska Beauty Pageant Talent Competition you can watch Sarah Heath Palin as she performs “The Homecoming” as written by Nathan Hardy.  

Actually, I’m surprised that she wasn’t a drummer – goes better with the basektball, fishing, hunting, skinning, baseball cap loving girl we are all growing so found of.  On the other hand, I’m a big basketball playing lesbo and guess what?   I played the flute.