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Miriam Margolyes, an actress in the Harry Potter movies (Professor Sprout) thinks that her mother’s stroke 40 years ago was because she told dear ol’ mum that she’s a lesbian – not her mom – Miriam said that Miriam is a lesbian. Just being clear for any of you thinking that you need to tell your mother that she’s a lesbian.

Miriam In The Middle of 3-Way Witch Episode

Miriam In The Middle of 3-Way Witch Episode

Girls, you will not give your mother a stroke if you tell her that you’re a lesbian.  Of course, if you are not a lesbian, don’t take the chance.   You can check out the causes of strokes and the ways to prevent strokes at the Mayo Clinic website.  And, strangely enough, the site does not suggest that mothers avoid having a lesbian daughter who dares to tell you that she’s a lesbian.

Crazy Lesbo Who Thinks She Killed Her Mother

Crazy Lesbo Who Thinks She Killed Her Mother

Miriam, now 67, claims that she told her mother about an affair with another woman and 3 days later – presto hocus pokus – a stroke for mum came out of the top hat. 

According to press reports Miriam said, “I realised it was a mistake on my behalf. It was an indulgence of me to tell her that.”  And Miriam takes all of the responsibility for her mother’s inability to bear this dreadful pain of having a homo child.  

Oh, my my my  – Miriam’s poor mother . . .  we’re crying just thinking about how painful this was for her. 

Oh but the old crazy lesbo actress says more, “I should have been aware that to tell her was very wrong.”  Press reports also claim that Miriam “dislikes the trend for actors and actresses to speak openly about their sexuality”.  

Now we know that’s not true.  Miriam and everyone else LOVES to hear about the sexuality of actors and actresses.  What she really meant to say is that HOMOSEXUAL actors and actresses should keep their mouths shut and become self-loathing sick tickets like her. 

My favorite headline on this story is “Miriam Margolyes: ‘My confession killed my mother’.”  However, that version fails to mention that Miriam told her mother in 1967 and the mother didn’t die until 1974.  Even more interesting is that Daddy Margolyes lived for 21 years after histrionic Mum kicked off.   Apparently, the risk of stroke for father’s with lesbian daughters is much less than for fat, candy eating, smoking, drinking mothers.    I mean – really – don’t you think that Miriam’s mother was a morbidly obese woman who had terrible eating and exercise habits? 

Isn’t there a song about this, “Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be lesbos . . . “