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Guilty: Ian Oakley in the UK
Not Related to Annie Oakley
It is not PC to say that he has a gay face.

2.¬†¬† Lindsay’s dad can’t bless her marriage to Samantha because it would “go against his religion.”¬†¬†¬†Lohan just recently learned that Jesus once fed 5000 people.¬† Upon learning of this miracle, Lohan wanted to know¬†whether the two fishes was bass or catfish and what bait were used to catch ’em.¬†¬† Lohan will not be going to church next Sunday because opening day of deer season is recognized as an official church holiday.¬†¬† Thanks to our friends at Queerty for the photo and red neck vision (comment by Jack E. Jett) and for the fantastical photo:¬†


Daddy Lohan Showing Off His Official Baptism Brand and Tattoo Received After Being Dunked in the Creek at the Annual Church Beer Bust & Pig Roast Last Sunday

3.¬† And, if you want to read about a 22 year old young man raised by lesbian moms in Ireland, click here:¬†¬†–just-for-having-an-english-accentrsquo-1445345.html