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You don’t have to look to find descriptions of Sarah Palin’s lies. Hardball, WSJ, USA Today and a number of news sources have plenty of video to show the many lies of Palin.

Just ran across another article providing some additional negative information about Palin. This one is from Sandy Frost, an Athabascan (name of a large group of closely related indigenous peoples of North America) woman, an Alaska Native corporation shareholder and a U.S. Navy vet.

Here is what she says, “You’d think that I’d be chanting the “Drill, Baby, Drill” mantra because her pro oil stance would turn our corporations into an Alaskan OPEC and make us very very rich.

Instead of trotting out a well vetted VP hopeful with impeccable credentials, McCain surprised America with someone who refuses to explain:

* How she left Wasilla $20 million in debt.

* Why the Alaska legislature is investigating her for abuse of power.

* How her politics prefer oil profits over people.

* How she blends church and state.

And do we really want a VP who lacks the confidence and experience to meet the press?

What was McCain thinking by betting on a wimp who hides from the media as he gallantly tries to protect her by ordering us journalists to treat her with deference?

Make sure that you send this same memo to Putin, the President of Iran, Bin Laden and whoever else so they will treat her with deference.

Read the rest of Frost’s article by clicking here.

From Copyright – 2008 by Sandy Frost. Used by permission.