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Two Lesbos Goin At It

We’ve got all of the most searched for videos: Sarah Palin meeting Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live, Sarah Palin doing some fantabulous chair dancing to Alaskan rap on the October 18, 2008 SNL and we have Colin Powell endorsing Obama this morning on Meet the Press.

And, you can see the hot lesbian video of Olivia Wilde in the promo for house & there’s more – photos of Suzie Orman and her partner KT (Kathy Travis).

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Lesbian rapper Da Brat – real name Shawntae Hawkins – was sentenced to three years in prison Friday for hitting a club waitress in the head with a bottle of rum on Halloween 2007.

The rapper reportedly caused the victim permanent facial damage on the night in question at Atlanta’s Studio 72 nightclub.

This isn’t Da Brat’s first violent run-in with the law: In 2000, the rapper was charged with beating a woman with a gun at a nightclub because of an argument over VIP seating.

Brat also received seven years of probabtion and 200 hours of community service.