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To all those flakes who claim that lesbians and/or gays are up in arms because Lindsay isn’t “really” gay and/or because Samantha won’t do lesbian/gay bars – you’re stupid.   

From our extensive research and vast personal knowledge we can say without a doubt that we lesbos, gays, and homos love Linday and Samantha as a couple and wish them a life-long happy, healthy and out relationship like we’ve been watching for the last several months.

As to the latest – Sam doesn’t do gay bars flap – just because we’re lesbians and we’ve read Rubyfruit Jungle doesn’t mean that we think Samantha Ronson should do a freebie benefit in a misplaced attempt to save a has-been bar in an overpriced neighborhood just because the owners and patrons were lesbians. 

The bar sucked and was down the tubes.

A Review of the Bar – Rubyfruit

A retirement home for diesel dykes and high school gym teachers –

Rubyfruit Bar and Grill by

Named after Rita Mae Brown’s Sapphic classic Rubyfruit Jungle, this West Village stalwart remains hopelessly lost in lesbian chic circa 1985. With Victorian fringed lamps, red-brick walls and antique mirrors, it feels like a retirement home for diesel dykes and high school gym teachers—the only thing missing is a portrait of Gertrude Stein over the fireplace. If you’re hungry, the romantic downstairs dining room serves pricey, passable American cuisine. At the very least, Rubyfruit makes sure the Jersey girls don’t have to go too far across the river for lady-on-lady action.


When things get happenin’, the bartender habitually cranks up the Bee Gees’ “Woman to Woman.”

In fact, the owners knew that long-term the bar could not survive.  No doubt creditors and owners were hoping for a last minute payday before the bar closed . . . oh, let’s do a benefit . . .  However, the bar was going to close no matter who did a benefit for the place.

We aren’t even sure that the Samantha Ronson story is true in any shape or form.

The NY Post claims that the now-closed lesbian bar asked Ronson to DJ the benefit to save the bar.  The allegation is that Samantha refused and her management informed the establishment that “she doesn’t do those kind of venues.”

The club’s resident deejay told the paper that, “It’s really like betraying her sisters. It just doesn’t make sense.

Meanwhile, Ronson’s spokesperson maintains that she was never even contacted by Rubyfruit leaving some speculating that this is the owners’ way of drumming up free PR for a new bar they plan to open later this year.

Just so Ronson knows that lesbians don’t give a shit about this . . . your “sisters” are fine Sam . . . if Ronson never wants to DJ in a gay or lesbian bar – fine with us at 2 Lesbos Goin At It.  I’m an attorney but I don’t do lesbian and/or gay law . . . does that mean I’m “snubbing” lesbians? 

And frankly, for 20 years I tip toed through pee up to the top on my shoes some nights in gay and lesbian bars.  The places were mainly nasty dives that no one should support.   Lovely Spouse and I haven’t been in a gay or lesbian bar for years.  We go out to . . . “regular” . . . social spots with the other soccer moms and dads at our son’s school.   When we do hang out with our lesbian and/or gay friends we don’t have any need to go to a gay or lesbian establishment. 

The entire idea that Samantha Ronson is a bad egg because of this is just stupid.  Why didn’t Rubyfruit ask Jodie, Ellen, Rosie or Martina to do a free benefit for the bar?  Why jump on Samantha Ronson’s case?   In fact, it’s ironic that Samantha Ronson is chosen as the culprit here in light of recent events.   Samantha and Lindsay aren’t seen lurking around gay and lesbian bars . . . like many other gay and lesbian Americans they live and socialize on mainstreet and in the mainstream.  We don’t all feel a need to go to gay or lesbian bars.  We don’t all feel the need to get a payday for a media annoucement in People Magazine that YES WE’RE LESBIANS.  We just live out and happy lives . . . like Lindsay and Samantha.

Ironically, the owners of Rubyfruit admitted that the bar was failing for 2 main reasons:  1) the rent had gone over the top ($11,000 per month), and 2) not all lesbians feel the need to socialize at lesbian bars.    And, no benefit was gonna cure those ills.   And, if the owners of Rubyfruit and their lack-luster DJ would read the papers maybe they’d realize that Samantha Ronson, her clients and friends fall into that last category:

We don’t need no stinkin’ lesbian bars.