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Okay, so it hasn’t happened yet but we know that it’s going to.¬† But how is Palin going to get out of that debate?¬† We have it!¬† Yes, we have the perfect “dog ate my paper” excuse.¬†

Of course, rational people will not believe this story but Sarah, rational people already know that you lie more than a rug.¬† So don’t worry about them.¬†

Sarah – here is your out.¬†¬† We know that you have Dr. Cathy Baldwin-Johnson¬†who will¬†say whatever you need to get out of this Biden debate on Thursday.¬† We also know that you’re a mastermind in coming up with pregnancy-related decisions.¬†


So, I’m thinking that Bristol has just been diagnosed by Cathy Baldwin-Johnson as having¬†preterm labor caused by or complicated by (the doc will have to figure that out) high blood pressure.¬† Everyone knows that¬†pre-eclampsia is serious business and requires 24 hour care.¬†

Hey, I know this because Lovely Spouse had pre-eclampsia with Little Man.  

Obviously, in light of Bristol’s pre-term labor and pre-eclampsia her mother will be needed.¬† In fact, Palin will not be able to debate Thursday because she has to make sure Bristol is on complete bedrest and¬†Sarah Palin will have to:

Do 24 hour urine collections on Bristol¬†– to estimate total protein.¬† Protein in the urine is a bad sign – I don’t remember why but I think Bristol should have lots of it.¬† Check with the doc before you do the press release.¬†

Do 4-6 hourly blood pressure checks on Bristol РBP in pre-eclampsia can go up & down very quickly.   You might want to come to the press conference wearing a BP cuff thingy slung around your neck.   Or you could just be seen in Wal-Mart frantically buying one.

If you don’t want to go with the Bristol early-labor, you could have some sort of medical emergency involvig Trig or Todd could have a heart-attack . . . I’m sure that you and the doc will come up with something.¬† Good Luck!

This is going to be so much fun to watch!