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McCain is a hollow old shell of a once honorable man.  In the past many of us thought we could vote for a man like McCain.  We thought that if McCain were the Republican choice that we’d finally see an election with a debate about the issues, an election that would result in a good decision by the American voters. 

Does McCain really care about anything other than getting elected?  This video points out that McCain is willing to lie and deceive & even hurt the most innocent among us, with the hopes of getting some votes from voters.

How does the man sleep at night?  

Please Keep Watching 2 Lesbos Goin At It

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In October of 2006, Sarah Palin took these positions on the issues: 

Now she tells us this:

Do they only have weird pregnancies in this family? Is the girl going to go to cheerleader camp in Texas, have her water break, finish that last cheer, then hop on a plane and have the baby like Governor Mom?   Lord only knows what we’ll be hearing about next.   What are Two Lesbos supposed to think about this one?