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By One Lesbo on November 22, 2008  |  Comments 0

Click here to read story and watch video > Video – Susan Powter Talks About Lesbian Lover Jessica Kirson

Susan Powter is looking hot hot hot. Several months ago we posted a little love note about Susan and her love Jessica Kirson, “Lesbians Susan Powter and Jessica Kirson – Lots of Sexual Geography to Travel.” And some of our readers thought we were off base.

Well, finally some confirmation video. Fitness guru Susan Powter stops the insanity of folks questioning our reporting. In addition to revealing the surprisingly simple cure for obesity, she talks about being an obvious lesbian and her relationship with Jessica Kirson. “Read more” to see the video.


Watch Two Lesbos Goin At It – Lesbian Levi’s 501 Video, Sam, Linday, Prop 8 & More.


Click the link below to watch a very HOT HOT HOT video clip from tonight’s episode of House MD.

Link to video / story – tonight’s episode of House

We have new details and more video of tonight’s (October 21) episode of House on FOX. The show starts at 8:00 pm eastern / 7 pm central and is a DO NOT MISS.

Dr. Hadley (aka “Thirteen” played by Olivia Wilde) has a one-night stand lesbian love fest with a stranger.

The video at the end of the above link is hot and the show is going to be even better.


This post is from Visit us early and often.


Just read a post titled “Nine Types of Sapphic Lovers.”   There, you’ll learn about the Sophisticate (the example is Melissa Etheridge – odd choice); the Tomboy (Samantha Ronson); the Lesbian Until Graduation; the Lipstick Lesbian . . .

I was expecting something about sex . . .  the types of lesbian “lovers.”  So, my mind immediately went to my own sexual experiences with various women and girls: 

1) the dead fish

2) the wiggles around the bed so much you can’t find her much less have sex with her

3) the I wanted to have sex, not palpate a hefer’s uterus (don’t ask)

4) the ass so big that she has a line around the bottom of her back from lying in the tanning bed

5) the wouldn’t you like to put your head on this towel instead of my good pillow cases because you have so much make-up on that I’ll never get the stains out

6) the hey, didn’t you know, that’s what razors are for


7) the so friggin picky about the tinnie tiny spot that has to be touched at the exact right time, with the exact right speed, with the exact right pressure that . . . oh, just do it yourself

8  the skin gets cold and clammy when excited – yuck

9) the so easily distracted that you pray she doesn’t notice the uneven paint on the ceiling

10) the ride me like a bareback pony with little results phenomena

11) the I fell asleep – did we do it?

12) the she fell asleep – guess I’ll do it

13) the what the f . . . was I thinkin

14) the hope I didn’t give her my real name

Think I’ll stop thinking about this.

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Admit it, while we act shocked, we all love reading those stories about student/teacher affairs.  One of my favorites is the Pamela Smart story from back in the early 90’s.  Pam gets her 15 year old boyfriend, Billy Flynn, to murder Pam’s husband.  I’ve probably watched the “True Crime” version 8 times on the Oxygen channel.    Click here to read one version of the teacher’s tail or tale.  

Poor Mary Kay - I just want to cuddle her

Mary Kay - Isn't She Adorable? Wish I could have "had" a teacher like her!

I like that one the best because of all the female teachers who get caught with students, Pam is one of the few that seems really guilty of a crime.  For example, does anyone really think Mary Kay Letourneau was guilty of anything except being an emotional/mental wreck?  

Bottom line, I always feel sorry for the female teacher.


Maybe, just maybe, one of the reasons that I feel so supportive of the female teachers is that once upon a time, in a land far far away, I too had an affair with my female teacher.  I was probably 14-15 and she was in her mid-20’s.   Yes, she was an adult in a position of authority over a minor but  . . . a crime . . . really?  I just don’t see it. 


She was married and straight – totally straight when we met and totally straight after our affair ended.   I look back and all I see was a vulnerable young teacher being flattered by attention from a popular kid at her high school.  She didn’t know that I was a lesbian.  She just knew that she felt a very strong attraction to me.  But I’m not surprised, in my youth, many straight girls and women seemed to have a strong attraction to me.  AND I LOVED IT!  I took advantage of it every chance I got.   I was one of those high schoolers who got more tail (always older straight females) than a toilet seat kind of kids and I had the confidence of a no tooth hooker.  (Some days I can’t go out of the house because I look a little fat.  A no tooth hooker not only goes out – but she has the balls to actually ask for money for some of that.)

I wonder what my ex-teacher thinks every time she watches the news or reads the paper or a magazine or a story on the Internet describing a female teacher going to jail for having sex with a student? 

I think that whoever turned her in is a rotten stinking rat fink.

Click on the “read more” link to read some headlines about teachers and students having lesbian affairs.


If “fitness guru” Susan “Stop the Insanity” Powter can navigate the geography of her girlfriend’s body – Jessica Kirson – my spouse should be thrilled with the shape of my body.   I mean, is it my lack of a perfect body that caused us to have sex only 1 time in 10 days on a romantic cruise? 

Jessica Kirson - Fitness Oh No

Jessica Kirson - Fitness Ohno

Susan Powter - Fitness Guru

Susan Powter - Fitness Guru

Clearly, my lovely spouse is more insensitive than any husband/man on the face of the Earth. 

On the way home from our cruise I was wearing a tight tank top under a cotton/mesh sweater.  It was extremely hot and so for a brief moment, while we were loading the luggage into the car, I took off the sweater.   In doing so I made the comment that I planned on putting my sweater back on as soon as I cooled off.   In reply my lovely spouse said, “What, you don’t want to look like a stuffed sausage?” 

Really!  Would any man even consider saying that to his wife?  Women who think that men are insensitive should try being with a lipstick lesbian for a few minutes.    I mean after the sex is over – and it will be over – it’s like living for the rest of your life with your selfish, mean-spirited little bossy sister. 

Susan – if you ever get over the Rocky Mountains or out of the Gulf of Mexico . . . call me . . .


Note to Justice at Jessica does not play the part of Hurley on Lost

Note #2 – check out the comments.  These 2 lesbos goin at it would be lucky to have a relationship like Susan and Jessica.

Note #3 – check out Lesbo Photos.  There is a photo of Jessica and Susan together.

Note #4 – this is a photo of Jessica and Susan being interviewed but we can’t find a transcript and didn’t hear the broadcast

rfamily cruise day 4 8

Two Lesbos Goin At It