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UPDATE:  Bernhard says that she’s been misquoted.  She doesn’t remember exactly what she said but she knows that she didn’t say that.

You would think that Sandra Bernhard would know better. Liberal women – you know those radicals that don’t wear enough make-up, aren’t real keen on rape jokes. They especially hate “gang rape” jokes. And, you can’t sweeten them up by just adding in a little Sarah Palin.

So now Sandra has gone and gotten herself kicked out of a women’s shelter. And, as we know a shelter is “the place” for today’s lesbian. Here is the story from the AP.

By the way, we LOVE it when Sarah Palin and lesbians collide in the news. If we could only get that hot Olympic gold medal winning lesbian handball playing couple from Norway to get in on the Sarah Palin action. The readers we would get . . . wow . . .

She really isn’t very attractive is she?  I don’t even have any tips for her.  Oh well . . .

Yes.  That’s what Carey Robers claims in his article, “The Sexual exploitation of Women in Abuse Shelters.”   Who is Carey Roberts?  Well, she’s not very pretty.  

Actually, Carey is a man and he’s pretty . . .  pretty old and ugly but that’s not the point. 

Carey Roberts

Carey Roberts claims to be “an analyst and commentator on political correctness. His best-known work was an exposé on Marxism and radical feminism.”   And, yes – all of us lesbians are well versed in Marxism and radical feminism.   In fact, I was just reading some books today on Marxism and radical feminism.  I thought I might donate them to the abuse shelter when I’ve finished reading them.

Here is some of his article:

One woman who spent time at two shelters reveals baldly, “many workers in shelters are lesbians.” One pick-up tactic is for a shelter worker to gently rub a resident’s palm, as if to assuage her pain. “If you become her girlfriend, you will be treated very good. I was 100% sure,” the woman sheepishly explains. 

Carey even provides a video .  Gee I hope it’s an instructional video so that all of us lesbos can learn how to get some hot ass at the local abuse shelter.   However, I have to admit that I could probably think of some things a little better than rubbing a palm so maybe the video won’t improve my techniques. 

Bottom line, Mr. Carey’s ideas are as crazy as he looks.   He should just go pick up a Playboy and quit the fantasies about girls having sex in shelters.

Gotta run.  I volunteer at a shelter down the street and it’s movie night.  Hope it’s something sexy.